How to Sell Facebook and Twitter Traffic
How People Sell Facebook And Twitter Traffic For Mone.When it comes to community networking sites, two web pages stand out from the crowd - Facebook and Twitter. Both sites need got millions of members and these members give a lot of time on their beloved sites. So what is the hype all about and how do these people make hard cash by selling traffic? Let's take a look at what each site is about.
Facebook is a community networking site where you can add and connect with friends. Membership is free, and you never need to pay a single cent to sign up. Once you sign up as a member on the site, you can start adding friends immediately by searching for contacts, or by importing your existing contacts. You may then post messages on your Facebook Wall and your friends will be able to view your messages. Of course, that is just scratching the surface. There are literally thousands of applications that can be installed with a Facebook account. Later on, we shall see how hard cash can be made by selling traffic on Facebook.

Twitter is a unique type of community networking site. This site is also commonly known as a micro blogging web page. Like Facebook, registration is free, and you can start following other members once you sign up for an account. Those who follow you are known as your fans. So what happens when you need fans? Whenever you post messages (not more than 140 characters per message), all your fans will be able to see your messages.

As you can imagine, both web pages are great platforms for connecting with friends. a large number people sign up for Facebook and Twitter accounts just so they can make some money. How?

Making hard cash on Facebook. - The important thing is to build up your contact list. In other words, try to add as a large number friends as you can. The goal here is to try and sell traffic later on. But in the initial stages, simply focus on adding friends. Then make sure you build up a association with these people by sending them gifts every now and then. When you need a couple of thousand friends in your account, you can start selling traffic. You are offer to setup dedicated pages for your clients and looking your friends to visit those pages. The best part is, you can make the same offer over and over again to your friends as long as they remain responsive to your messages.

Making hard cash on Twitter. - Making hard cash on Twitter is a little more tricky. But if you need a responsive following, you can make a killing with this hard cash making method. Again, start by building up your following. When you need thousands of followers, you can start offering sponsored tweets. You looking paid for posting these sponsored messages.
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