How To Make Money Online Through Your Own Website. Affiliate Marketing is not difficult to start. There are several ways of becoming a marketing affiliate and several business models that can be used. While you can be an affiliate marketer without having your own website, having one is always better, makes it a lot easier and provides you extensive and unlimited reach. And having a tool that would let you easily and quickly create and launch your own website is a significant advantage.

Who Are Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate Marketers are those people who promote products of vendors/product owners for a share in the revenue (by way of commission) when they make a sale of such products.

Is It Difficult To Start As An Affiliate Marketer?

For a neophyte in the internet business, it could appear complicated and sometimes extremely frustrating. However, a good and easy way would be to emulate other people who have been successful and proven themselves on the business. First question that you would likely ask yourself would be: what product to promote. In this regard, you can start by leveraging any of the products being offered in any of the existing affiliate networks. There are several online marketplaces where lots and lots of vendors make available their products for anyone to promote as affiliates and in the process earn generous commissions. Online marketplaces like Pay Dotcom or Click Bank are very good examples of this. And they are quite easy to use. All you need to do is open an account with them and you can start promoting products in the marketplace and earn commission income.

Your Own Website - An Indispensable Tool

There are several ways to promote. One way would be through emails or using the online social networks (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). You can do this without having your own website. However, having one is always better, makes it a lot easier and provides you extensive and unlimited reach.

In the past, the technical challenge or barrier to design, build and launch your own website was quite daunting especially for those just starting out and without any technical background or knowledge. However, thanks to advances in technology, particularly in terms of software. There are now a number of extremely good tools in the market that would let you easily and quickly create and launch your own website. Obviously, you need to make sure that the tool provides all the basic things you would need to successfully launch your website. Here are some of the functionalities that a good tool should have:

a. A set of professionally looking templates that would give you a head start (and eliminate the need for you to hire professional help which could be very expensive - something you don't need when you are just starting)
b. All the basic pages you typically need (a sales page, product review page/s, privacy policy, terms, contact information, etc.) which you can customize to reflect the look, feel and content that you want
c. A base content which you can either use per se or revise/add
d. Facility to upload of your site to your server automatically and easily
e. A customer-friendly wizard and/or training videos that walk you through the whole process
f. Capability to link or integrate with proven online marketplaces in a breeze

If the tool has the above as a minimum, it would save you (if you are just starting) a lot of time, grief, frustration and money over doing it yourself or hiring help (e.g. website designers and programmers, graphic artists, copywriters, freelancers, etc) which could cost you a fortune!

Hopefully the above takes the mystery out of affiliate marketing and website launching and provides you with a compelling incentive to start your own affiliate marketing business. You may encounter some difficulties initially. But the most important thing is to take action, to go out there and explore, learn and emulate others who have been successful in the business. You are on your way to making money from your affiliate marketing website business!

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