I Was So Broke My Only Alternative Was To Make Money Online!It has been a while now since I have had to worry about such things as paying the rent, paying bills and if, where and when my next pay check is going to come from.

Truth be told nowadyas I do whatever I want. I really love my mornings! How many people can honestly say that. and here's why I love them. I don't have to get in the morning; in fact I don't. I crawl outta bed in the early afternoon!

Yes life couldn't be any better especially when my office is a couple of rooms down the hall. it's my study!
But I'm getting ahead of myself, because I'm beginning this story back to front. So let's go back to the beginning (well actually somewhere in the middle) so you can see how I ended up where I am today.

So this is how it all began. About a week ago my friend Tom and I were talking and before long our talk turned to the terrible state of the economy. How ironic, we noted, that despite all the suffering and hardship we saw everywhere the media and the government had the balls to tell us the the worst of the recession was over.

Sam told me about his brother-in-law who had lost his job and now his house was in foreclosure. Things for him he said were not that bad be nobody was certain about tomorrow anymore especially when people were losing jobs left, right and center. Everywhere and everyday people were being let go from jobs they thought they were secure in.

A minute or two of silence elapsed then Frank remarked how was it that I seemed little affected by the downturn of the economy. I guiltily admitted to him that was because the collpase of the economy hadn't affected me. Truth be told I confessed, business had never been better! The expression on his face said it all; disbelief. That's when I told him that some years ago I was so desperate I was left with no option but to make money online.

A Heartbeat From Homelessness!

Three years bcak I worked two back-breakingand mindnumbing jobs to make sure my family weren't on the streets. Working those hours I was bone tired all the time so you would think that as sson as I lay down and shut my eyes I would be out like alight. but nothing could be further from the truth. Crazy huh! Making matters worse, I then had to literally drown myself in coffee to attain a minimal state of wakefulness, enough so as to be able to do my job.

Sure...anyone in my sitaution would have worried about the health consequences of leading the lifestyle I was living but then again what could I do. There was no way I was going to jeopardize my family's existence.

Oh! Life was bad...real bad for me everywhere. I guess it would have been okay if we could have kept the nasty problems of life at bay outside the front door but unfortunately we couldn't. There was no denying it my marriage was marooned on the rocks! It seemed like the only thing that my wife and I did back then was constantly bicker about money!

Crusing The Fastlane To Six Feet Under!

I led that unhealthy lifestyle far longer than I care to recall and the scariest thing is that I could still be in that hole if I hadn't gotten diagnosed with severe hypertentsion!

I was in utter disbelief when the doc told me that I was suffering from sever hypertension. This was impossible! Retest I demanded, there had to be another explanation.

I was in excellent shape... Did I smoke? No! Did I drink? Moderately, like a couple of beers on the weekend? Was I overweight? Ha! Hardly likely...in fact because of my work I was really toned. And the fact was that nobody that I knew of had ever suffered from hypertension in my family history. I drank rarely and there was no history of the disease in my family. It was impossible! How could I have hypertension? I was barely 30 years old!

In the end the simple truth was that the stress of my existence led to my hypertension.

Those nights I lay awake wondering where, when and if I was going to make a money that week, it definitely took a heavy toll. Fact was if I continued the way I was going there was a strong chance I would be dead before the year was through!

And that's when I realized I couldn't continue living the way I was. In fact it was at that point it dawned on me that what I had been doing was--Existing Not Living!

Which brings me to a question I have been dying to ask you because the fact that you are reading this lends me to believe your situation is not unlike mine once was. Anyway this is the question:

Do You Know What You Would Do If You Had Financial Freedom?

Silly of me to ask--of course you do!

I bet you would do what anybody else in the world would do! You would:

Live The Life That You Always Wanted!

Do you know the difference between people who really enjoy life and those who are simply passing through?

The people who truly enjoy life are the ones who are doing exactly what they want to be doing. Such people are easy to spot--they always look happy!

As for the others, the one's who simply pass through life as if it was a series of duties like paying bills and taxes--life to them is just an existence that has little room or time for happiness! They are simply too busy trying to make ends meet they have no time to really appreciate life.

And after you've existed that way for some time any other kind of lifestyle becomes unimaginable! I should know; after all that was me not too long ago!

I Was Like A Rat Trapped In a Box That Kept Squeezing Tighter; My One Option Was To Make Money Online!

I realized I had to make drastic changes to my life fast otherwise sooner than later I wouldn't even have one. My health was on the blink and my marriage wasn't doing any better either! I needed money and I needed it yesterday!

But what was I going to do? I couldn't go back to school because I evidently couldn't afford it otherwise I wouldn't be in the crummy situation that I found myself in.

I couldn't take another job because there simply wasn't enough time in a single day and besides my body couldn't handle it either. No! There had to be another way; some way that had minimal startup costs yet enabled me to make more money in a relatively short period of time.

So I turned to the internet did some research and learned how to make money online. The rest, as the saying goes, is history!

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