will compare between Twitter and Facebook which can help you make more money.

Twitter Can Earn More Money
Today will compare between Twitter and Facebook which can help you make more money.
We know the Twitter and Facebook is two Social Network have many people join. This article I'll show to you which can earn more money than. Central to the drama over Facebook's ever decreasing share value has been how they will monetize their mobile users.  Earlier this summer it emerged that not only were mobile revenues at Facebook poor, but also that social networking rival Twitter are doing pretty well from their mobile users. So for making money on twitter is well than Facebook. So Why ???

This stark contrast was exemplified by reports today that Twitter is now actually making more money from mobile advertising that its much larger rival.  A report from eMarketer estimates that Twitter will hit $129.7 million in U.S. mobile ad revenues this year compared to $72 million for Facebook.  This is despite Facebook being valued at four times the valuation of Twitter.

However, eMarketer do expect Facebook to rapidly close the gap on Twitter, and indeed overtake them in revenue next year.  It should be remembered of course that only last month eMarketer slashed its earnings forecast for Facebook, so how accurate their prediction proves to be remains to be seen.
The predictions will offer some hope for investors in Facebook.

Who have seen their shares battered since flotation earlier this year.  As the research firm points out in the report, Facebook only launched its first mobile ad units in June and still has plenty of room to grow. Mobile is a long-term play for Facebook, and by next year, eMarketer expects the social networking giant to beat out Twitter by a significant margin, taking in $387 million on mobile in the US.,” the firm wrote in its report.

Overall, eMarketer predicts the mobile advertising market will hit $2.61 billion this year in the U.S. and grow to a $12 billion industry in 2016 due largely to companies like Facebook and Twitter.
Getting advertising revenue from mobile platforms is a key challenge for Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks as more and more of us turn to our mobiles to access these sites. Whilst Facebook continues to struggle in this regard however it seems that Twitter is doing considerably better.  The Wall Street Journal reports that they are seeing strong early signs of success in the selling of advertising on mobile devices.

It reveals that Twitter is now making more money from mobile advertising than it is from advertising on its full website.  Twitter executives explain this is due to mobile users interacting more with ads than those accessing

This is a very good sign for the company, who only started offering mobile adverts in April, but who see it as a key area for driving revenue growth.

Advertisers are revealing that as many as 70% of interactions they see from their Twitter advertising campaigns comes from the mobile version of the site. Twitter says its mobile-advertising business is working because a company can easily convert any tweet into an ad.

The format of ads on Twitter's mobile and desktop sites are the same, and advertisers pay the same rate no matter the platform. On many mobile services including Google's, ad rates are lower in part because advertiser demand is lower.

Twitter also says its users are more active on mobile devices, which may explain why interaction with ads is higher, too. About 60% of its 140 million monthly users access the service on mobile devices.
"We know that mobile is how people access Twitter, it's where people are overall, and we know it's where the business is," said Adam Bain, Twitter's president of global revenue.
So whilst there are still some issues as to how to market on Twitter effectively (and legally), if you can get it right the results seem exceptional.
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