What is Clickbank launch jacking? Well it's exactly what it sounds like You're going to rank for somebody's product before it launches and "jack" their launch. I actually don't like the term "jacking" or "jack" because it makes it sounds like we're doing something wrong. But trust me the product creators love and encourage us doing this.

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What is Clickbank launch jacking? Well it's exactly what it sounds like You're going to rank for somebody's product before it launches and "jack" their launch. I actually don't like the term "jacking" or "jack" because it makes it sounds like we're doing something wrong. But trust me the product creators love and encourage us doing this. (As long as you're not giving their product shit which is frowned upon.. I mean unless it's a complete scam) So what I like to do is go look for Clickbank products that are about to be released using a few websites that people use to announce their launches (You'll find them listed below).

 I'll find ones that I think are good and will sell really well. You're going to want one that you think a lot of people are going to be interested in because if nobody is interested in it well nobody is going to Google it and you're not going to make any sales. (I stick to business/internet marketing niches).
The reason we want products that aren't released yet is because nobody else is doing SEO for these terms yet which means... You'll get #1 EASY I mean that's what it's all about minimal work and major returns. Then you'll want to build either a page or website around the product. You'll be targeting two keywords that should look like this "product name" and of course "product name review" I'll show you an example below Don't be scared to contact product creators and ask them for a review copy or anything can help you. A review copy will help you weed out the crap and see if it's something you truly want to promote. 99% of the time they'll be happy having you promoting their product and will help in any way they can.

 The first thing to do, that is getting a domain and hosting. Have hundred of host vendors but I recommend you get that from ipage. Why ? because the price is very cheap, free domain .com .net .org ... and more and more they give you hundred of $$ coupon advertisement on google adword, Facebook, Bing ads in addition to listing free on yellow page. Thousand of website hosting on ipage, they promote clickbank products and get many $$ per day you can refer bellow:

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  • ClickBank Launch Forum

  • After you get a hosting and domain the next time you will install a wordpress(I recommend) on host and design. This work I will spend some times to write a article about install wordpress and design website wordpress .
    OK below I will guide you how to promote clickbank products on your website and how to SEO …

    So for my example I'm going to be using a page you can find here on our website which is Far From It Review | Money Mindset
    It's a short inspirational E book written by two successful young entrepreneurs and it's just titled "Far From It"So of course the keywords I'm targeting are "Far From It" and "Far From It Review"

    I did use a page on my website instead of grabbing an exact match domain because I feel this is always the safer route. However if I were to get an EMD though it would look something like this farfromitreview.com

    The first thing to SEO website:
    On Page SEO

    Meta Tags
    Alright so I set the Meta Title to “Far From It Review” even though the keyword I’m targeting is “Far From It” I did this just because it’s got Far From It in it still and I thought it would look extremely fishy if I used only Far From It and then I included my brand name in the title as well so it looked like this “Far From It Review – Money Mindset”Now for the meta description I just put a nice little description in there and included the words “far from it” twice within the description. I like to include my main keyword twice ALWAYS in the meta description now I could have also done “far from it” once and “far from it review” once that would have worked as well.

    “Far From It Review” Meta Title + My Brand Name (Money Mindset)
    “Far From It” twice in the meta description

    Alt Tags
    I included two images on the page both of which I utilized the Alt Tags. This is an SEO must so hope all you aspiring internet marketers are using it. For the image at the top of the page the Alt Tag I used was “Far From It” and the one I used towards the bottom of the page was “Far From It Review”
    •    Two images both with alt tags, one read “Far From It” the other “Far From It Review”

    Keyword Density
    In the article you shouldn’t focus on keyword density AT ALL. In my example I wrote the article just for what I thought would convert best not once should you consider “Keyword Density” you need to focus on conversions.But for the sake of statistics I used the term “Far From It” 3 times in 500 words so the density was .6% I bet your articles is still using the standard 3%
    •    Never focus on keyword density
    •    In the end my keyword density was .6%

    H1, H2, H3, Bold and Italic
    Again you should feel the same way about using Heading tags and bolding your keywords. Over optimization is a real thing and you never want to fall prey to it. Don’t focus on bolding your keywords unless it fits the article. Don’t use heading tags unless it’s in your title or the title of a new paragraph. Just use them where they fit! Make your articles for the reader not for what you think will rank best because chances are that won’t rank best. In my article I used the H1 tag once and didn’t use any other headings. I didn’t use Bold, Italic, Strikethrough or underline once in my article.
    •    Never over focus on these things one H1 tag is enough
    •    I used one H1 tag and no other heading tags the keyword was “Far From It”
    •    I didn’t bold, Italicize, underline any of my keywords.

    Affiliate Links
    This time I actually did things a little differently because usually you’ll use hyperlinks within the text but for some reason I decided to only use my images as affiliate links (though one of the images is just big text that reads “Get It Here” in large blue text) So I have three affiliate links all together. One of them is in the top left of the article (The Hotspot) which is the headshot of the two authors of the book. The second is actually embedded within a video review which is on the page (I Used Simple Video Pro Wordpress plugin to do this) then the last affiliate link is the one I explained above “get it here” at the bottom of the article in large blue text.To see these links live visit Far From It Review | Money Mindset
    •    Three affiliate links on the page
    •    Two of them are IMG links
    •    One of them is embedded in the video review
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