Here I will show my simple method to earn $100 and more/a day if you scale it up
1. Sign up to perinstallcash

2. They must approve your account, show them your site, tell them that you will put their banners there, they will accept you easily

3. You will promote their youtube to mp3 downloader - damnvid, you can find this on many sites, download it and run and record your screen how you download youtube songs and convert them to mp3 (use camtasia or camstudio). Use video spin blaster to copy your video many times (every video will be unique for youtube) same video will be used for many keywords
4. Search for top youtube songs , copy names of this songs to notepad

5. Add to every title something like this - Rihanna Diamonds - rip this youtube song to mp3

6. In description place your referral link - use url shortner, or better .com domain with redirection to your aff link and write something like - you can convert Rihanna Diamonds or any youtube song to mp3 using this freeware
In tags use rihanna diamonds mp3

7. Now its time to rank your video in google - you have to build backlinks to your video and get some views and likes (vagex). Keywords to rank should be - Rihanna Diamonds mp3 and Rihanna Diamonds mp3 download - you can easy outrank competitors in google because these are easy keywords.

Many people search for mp3s in google, when they will see your video about how to rip videos to mp3 from the largest music database - youtube they will download this software because it's free.
For example "Psy Gentleman mp3" keyword has 6600 exact searches a month. You earn $1 per US install, but try less popular songs, different music genres, try to rank popular songs mp3 from your country - for france install you get $0,5 dutch - $0,4 etc

Imagine how much you can earn if you upload 100 or 500 videos, music is most searched keywords in youtube

TIP - search in google for upcoming singles , make videos and rank them easily because there is low competition on youtube and google
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I have begun to make money online with my twitter account since 2011 and I have made $200 per day. And now I have lots of ways to make money with social media as Facebook, Youtube ... and Fiverr, Clickbank, Amazon ... I will show all to you on this Blog.

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