Yes! you can make $75,000/year from 1 website you will get if you work hard in 2 years. Following I will show my journey. So this is going to be a longer journey

Make Money Online From 1 Website
Yes! you can make $75,000/year from 1 website you will get if you work hard in 2 years. Following I will show my journey. So this is going to be a longer journey. But the reason it is long is because I want to make sure I have enough time to achieve my goals. (Seeing that I am in school right now, and I have a part time job after school, and I do a bunch of freelance stuff) So over the last year, I have worked a little on a website in a niche I want to get into (and hopefully own on googles 1st page ) Right now the site I made has ~200 posts, and on average each post makes me 5c-10c a day. 
(depending on the day) So now that I know this, I know that each post will earn about $18.25-$36.50 per year. Taking that into account I would need 2054-4109 articles on my website to earn $75,000 per year. (I know there is a big gap there, but for the purpose of this journey, I will have 3000 articles on my site.) My plan?
I already have a long list of keywords to write for. Most of they keywords I am going for have between 100 and 300 searches on them per month. I know these seem very low, but the face is, I will be pumping out so many articles that I will not have time for SEO. This means I need to go after terms that are a joke to rank. (which is also why each article makes so little) Right now I have a keyword list of 300 keywords (other than the 200 I already have) Which means I will be able to have a total of 500 articles on this site shortly. These are all super easy to rank, and once these are done I am estimating an income of ~9000-18000 per year from the site. While I am writing these I am using UNF to find more keywords. The niche is broad enough that I do not see an issue with coming up with 3000 terms.

Why 2 years?

I am giving myself two years because I am going to write between 4 and 5 articles per day. (I may do up to 10 a day, depending on how much time I have.) I will also be graduating from school in 2 years, with a batcher of technology.

At this point it would be nice to have a passive $75000 per year. Staring with: This website currently has:
Articles: 201
Average earnings per article per day: $0.073295
Average earnings per article per month: $2.19885
Average earnings per article per year: $26.386258
Total average per year: $5303.637871

I will try to update this around 1 time a week to let you know how many articles I have on the site. Keep in mind, I expect the articles count to increase very quickly, but I am expecting the money to increase more slowly.

 This is because I believe it will take some time for my new pages to start appearing on google. All my posts will be in USD. I am in Canada, and our $ is worth about 90c USD, so there is also a nice 10% bonus on what I make
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