I am a 20 year old college student that never wants to work the 9-5. I'm creating an Amazon affiliate website for a niche that I believe is somewhat exposed.

I am a 20 year old college student that never wants to work the 9-5. I'm creating an Amazon
affiliate website for a niche that I believe is somewhat exposed. I starting learning html/css at
the beginning of High school, then fell into the Dreamweaver trap and ultimately designed a disgusting website with content that I copied from an official website in addition to a few filler pages. In all, the website is 4 pages deep and as of today, somehow generates around 1,000 unique visits a month.

Fast forward to college. I had the burning desire to create a business, so I taught myself html/css.
Now I can design a nice looking website if I do say so myself. The first website I designed while
learning html/css was going to be an affiliate website for a new product that had just been released.
After hearing about drop-shipping, I decided to contact the company whose item I was going to try and earn affiliate commissions on and asked about drop-shipping. They happily replied, and I built a simple 1 page website that sells their product and now I sell maybe 1 or 2 a week. Nothing special, maybe $30 profit... I should probably add more content. I then designed my father's law firm website and learned a lot over the course of that website's design and implementation.
Anyways, I liked the idea of amazon's affiliate model and so I've been sucked in by some of the various  threads on the forum. Whitepassion's is one of course. I've decided to try and use the website from my  high-school days to earn some affiliate commissions through an Amazon Review website. I've redesigned the entire website by hand, and as I'm writing this, I've personally completed 23 of 37 review articles  I require to be completed before I launch the new website.

I don't like the idea of being entirely dependent on Amazon, so I've included some other third party affiliate offers on my website that offer both value and appeal to my website. Think along the lines of an affiliate program for customizing cleats for a cleat review website. That's obviously not my niche, but you get the idea. It brings both value and a potential income stream for the website. I will also offer a free ebook to hopefully start building an email list.

Early on, I didn't want to write 37 different 600 word articles on a topic that I wasn't passionate about, so I tried to purchase articles for $4 per 500 words an article, $5 , and then $9. I ultimately ended up with around 20 somewhat useless articles. The $9 articles are decent, but not good enough for my money site.

After the website has been uploaded with the 37 different articles, I plan to write another 37 articles. However these articles will be my tier 1 and will point back to their individual product. So for example I would write a review for a pair of cleats for the moneysite, I would then write another review for the same pair of cleats, but this time, I would upload it to a Web 2.0 and point it back to the moneysite product review. I expect this to take a while. After these tier 1 articles are complete, I plan to use the crappy articles I purchased as a tier 2 for the tier 1 product reviews.

If the website begins to make money after it's initial launch, I will probably outsource the 37 tier 1 articles. So anyway, that's the current game plan which I'm sure will change. I haven't done anything like this before so I'm curious to hear your thoughts, and if you would like, grab a beer, pull up a chair, and let's see where this goes. Thank you
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