Do you already have some ideas? Below I will give you a lot of examples to help get you started making money right away with photography

idea to making money online with photography
You have your camera set now, ready to snap pictures of the next interesting  thing you see.
But what will that be? How do you know what to take pictures of? Do you already have some ideas? 
Below I will give you a lot of examples to help get you started making money right away with photography. Keep inmind that these are just examples and you should be creative and come up with some of your ownideas, too. Because the pictures you are going to upload are going to be used by virtually every industry, there are endless opportunities to take pictures of everyday activities and materials.Even simple things, such as a picture of the clouds in the sky, can make you a LOT of money.
Will The Photo Show Someone’s Face?
If you have photographed a person’s face, you will need a signed release  from that person giving you permission to use the photo.  It’s really basic.  You simply have them sign something like this sample release here. Adults can sign releases for themselves. If you photograph a child, you need
to get their parent’s permission in a signed release giving you permission to use their child’s picture.  It may sound silly, but even if it’s your own child in the picture, it is wise to cover yourself by completing a signed release form for all pictures you plan to use. I have included a  sample photography release form here. Feel free to copy it or modify it to better fit your needs.
Of course, you do not have to use the release I am providing. But be sure you do get written releases.

What You Should Take Pictures Of
The more detailed sections below will give you a lot of ideas on what to take pictures of. To get
your mind rolling though, let’s talk about a couple of places that have plenty of photo opportunities,
without requiring much extra effort on your part! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to make money uploading your photography. Is this possible? First I tell you not to buy any equipment, and then I tell you not to leave your house? Next I’m going to tell you that you can just photograph your kids and get rich. Well… let’s back up a second. First off, yes you can take pictures of your kids and make money with them! Plenty of marketing materials require cute kids playing or laughing with each other. These cute, warm photos fill their space and entice their readers with warm fuzzies. The reality is that a picture of your child playing outside may get you that next vacation you’ve been wanting to go on!

Your Garage
Say you are on your way to take some pictures at a local park. Before you leave the garage, stop
and take a few shots of:
•  toolboxes
•  wrenches lined up
•  hammer and nails strewn about
•  oily rags and engine work
•  saws and hardware
If you see it in the garage, take a of picture it.

Other Places Around The House
Housework photographs are very popular, too. Don’t forget to get pictures while you are gardening. Dirty hands and knees required. We want these pictures to look authentic, not staged 5.Farmers Market There are always some great natural photographs begging to be taken at a farmer’s market.

Be sure to capture the colors of the fresh produce.
And what about the look on the  face of a child holding his first Halloween pumpkin?

Around Your Town
As you walk the streets of your downtown — take pictures of the construction going on -- new businesses being built, roofs being replaced, etc.These types of photos can be used for start-up construction firms. Men who build houses don’t always take great pictures of their work. If they can buy a picture that portrays what they do and create a website around it to attract more customers, they are all over it!Many towns have festivals, such as “Taste of Cincinnati” or “October Fest.” There are plenty of photo opportunities here -- everything from a cool picture of an accordion, to seniors polka dancing. Traveling BBQ carts offering their goods to happy locals make great personal shots. Don’t forget to take pictures of the food! Foodies are very popular now, and they all have blogs.Bloggers know about your type of photos, and  dedicated foodies frequently use multiple photos in a single blog posting.

On The Streets
Photograph the public transportation system and the process of using it to get around town. While you are walking through the city, snap the street signs above you. Get the popular ones that everyone knows, as well at the funny named streets, and the signs that have gang tags on them. All of these have character and can be used to depict a variety of meanings. Think about all the photo opportunities that a city offers:
•  city streets
•  skyscrapers
•  ethnic neighborhoods
•  birds on the sidewalk
•  local restaurants
•  events such as parades and various festivals
•  well known landmarks
•  parks and playgrounds
•  department store windows decorated for the holidays
These are all money makers!

In Your Community
Start off taking pictures of the skyline that is most popular in your city—these create a sense of pride and passion for the city. These are great for websites that promote travel and tourism.  Both government  tourism agencies and private travel agencies snap these photographs up quickly. Happiness sells!

At Your Workplace.
If you work in an office, you have a ready-made, endless supply of photo opportunities -- snapshots of computers, keyboards, office supplies, etc. Don’t forget break time and vending machines… especially a snack that got stuck! What an awful break time woe -- capture it!You can photograph the phone lines ringing off the hook by looking at the switchboard and the flashing red lights.

If you work in a different setting, there are just as many -- or even more -- opportunities for you to
get money-making photography. Just think about the unlimited photo ops you could see in the various construction specialties.
Wouldn’t you just love to be the person who snapped this now famous photo of workers having
lunch 840 feet above the ground while building the RCA building in New York in 1932!

Extreme Weather
I don’t have to tell you that pictures of extreme weather are in constant demand.  Think back over the last couple of years -- a huge proportion of photography on The Weather Channel came from local photographers just like you and me. However, be sure to use good sense here.  If the local authorities are warning people to stay inside, stay inside!

History In The Making
Have you attended local government meetings? Gone to a swearing-in ceremony for newly elected officials?  Watched the groundbreaking for a new building? Been lucky enough to see a Shuttle launch or Air Force One land? Gone to the last performance before an old theatre closed? Been there the day a big new section of freeway was opened? All of these, and hundreds more, are great photo ops.  There are untold numbers of bloggers who write about these things -- and they all need good pictures!

Any Unusual Situation
I grew up in a beach town, and about every five years or so, a dead whale would wash up on the sand.  Without getting into tacky details, dead whales on beaches create a number of “interesting” issues.  Anything like this can provide a lot of photo opportunities. But it doesn’t have to be nearly so dramatic as the whale example. We also had a freeway underpass that flooded (like 3-4 feet deep) every time it rained -- only a few times each year.  Every time we got rain, someone (usually driving a VW bug) would ignore the “underpass flooded” signs, and drive right into the water, thereby becoming trapped in a floating car. And every time, someone else would take a picture of the whole scene and it would show up in the news.

Holiday Celebrations
No matter what holidays you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), there is a constant, insatiable demand for pictures of holiday celebrations.  Just take a few minutes to make a list of the celebrations that you see, and you are already on your way to making money with holiday pictures! One special, very important note.  Of course, you will be respectful of all people and their celebrations.  If pictures are not allowed in some places or ceremonies, don’t be the disrespectful clown who ruins a precious moment by setting off a series of flashes.

At The Zoo
There are so many great shots at the zoos that you will need to take breathing breaks to catch up! Take all the pictures you can, and pay particular attention to those rare special moments you can encounter. How many people get to see a baby monkey being bottle fed, or a turtle being given medicine, or a peacock with his tail on full display? These are the money shots—take plenty! Animals make great photographs because they are beautiful, intriguing and full of surprises. One time, my cousin and I went to the farm exhibit at the local zoo. We were walking our kids around when all of a sudden her 7-year-old son asked, “Mom— why is that donkey trying to climb over the other one?” We had walked in on a little bit of bedroom time for the donkeys! The kids didn’t know what was going on, but the adults all had cameras out, finger on the trigger! That was a fantastic (and totally unexpected) photo op, and my cousin was able to sell that to a comedy blog that LOVED the natural shot of animals in action. You never know what you will come across, but be prepared! Surprises happen, but they happen quickly, so don’t delay in having your fingers ready to click! I gave you tons of ideas to help you get started. Just keep in mind that you should snap pictures of anything that stands out to you. Never stop shooting!
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