When you already have many pictures on your cell phones or cameras. I will show 4 steps to you can quickly make money with photography below:

When you already have many pictures on your cell phones or cameras
•  Already have a lot of pictures on their phones or camera
•  Want to get started uploading pictures immediately
•  Don’t want to learn about more advanced approaches right now

Way to make money with photography

I will show 4 steps to you can quickly make money with photography below:
Step 1: Review Your Existing Pictures
Go through your gallery and “Star” your favorite shots you’ve taken. Don’t be picky. Completely
shut down that little voice in your head that keeps saying things like, “Who would like that?” or “No one wants to see that.” You will never know who will be searching for what kind of picture. So if  you give in to that little voice, you will be putting unnecessary limits on the money you can make from  your pictures.
Step 2: Identify “Pictures That Pay”
Let’s just say that one day you took a spur-of-the-moment (but very cool!) picture of a nasty cut on
your toe and got a great close up of all the black stitches and dried blood.
You might be surprised (and very happy) to find out that a horror website is using it because of the
amount of blood and guts mixed with the reality you captured in your picture.
They might pay a chunk of money for that picture of your poor toe with all its blood and stitches to
use in their marketing efforts for a zombie page! 
YOU NEVER KNOW! So do not close yourself off to opportunity simply because you personally
would never pay for a picture of a bloody toe. You never know

Step 3: Ignore “No Cash Pictures”
Whether you are taking pictures of your kids, your neighbor’s dog or a park at sunset—you must keep the photos clean. “Clean” in this sense has nothing to do with soap and water, or without nudity.
Clean means without trademarks, or anything else that would infringe upon someone’s legal rights
if the photo were used for someone else’s commercial purpose. Everything from team names to stuffed animals—if it is registered to someone else to make money, you can’t use it commercially (to make money).This is why when you’re watching a Reality TV show you’ll see then blur out the brand names on hats, drinks, etc.It is theoretically possible to get legal permission to use a trademarked image for your commercial purposes, but the process is so long and complicated -- and so unlikely to be approved -- that the best approach is just to avoid trademarked images.
You should also keep this in mind as  you take pictures in the future

Step 4: Finally upload Your Pictures after you choose a great picture it can get pay
Go to the chapter titled “How To Convert Your Ideas To What To make money with photography” for instructions on uploading your pictures to the various photo sites that will pay you for the use of your photos.OR Next time i will show you a lot of popular websites  give you upload pictures to get cash.

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