How you can make money from your Youtube Account. I have made $500 per day from Youtube the following is my way.

how to make money from youtube
How you can make money from your Youtube Account. I have made $500 per day from Youtube the following is my way.
1) This method will NOT get your Adsense account banned.
2) This method involves some investment. Amount depends on how fast you want results and how far you want to push it.

What Do You Need :
1) A 6 months+ old YouTube account (I believe almost all BHW members have it. When did you make your first YT account but never used it for spamming?)
2) An adsense account
3) Some money
1) Make an YouTube account focusing on the niche CAR CRASHES, DASH CAMS and SECURITY CAMS. Link your YouTube account with Adsense and enable monetisation, which will automatically make you an YouTube partner. Make sure that you get the feature of custom thumbnails.

2) Search LiveLeak, YouTube and the internet in general for interesting DASH CAM and SECURITY CAM footages showing car crashes, mugging caught on tape etc.

3) EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Do NOT download videos of car crashes or robberies/potentially viral which has been recorded by a pedestrian/amateur videographer with his/her mobile phone or digital camera.

4) Begin Uploading dash cam/security cam videos. Upload custom, interesting thumbnails for every video. VERY IMPORTANT: We are making a legit channel. Don't spam and upload 100 videos at once. YouTube WILL catch you and your monetisation option will be disabled.

5) Dash Cam/Security Cam footages NEVER get DMCAed. Getting DMCAed for uploading a dash cam or security cam footage is as likely as getting struck by a thunderbolt. In the rare event a video is "Claimed" by a third party (Note: Not DMCA), just delete that video.

6) NOW PROMOTE AN EXTREMELY INTERESTING, POTENTIALLY VIRAL VIDEO PAYING MONEY TO YOUTUBE. This step makes all the difference. YouTube clicks are very cheap. Don't narrow down to any particular demographics (that will raise cost). If your video is very interesting, people WILL Like and Share it. Within a couple of days, YouTube will naturally begin to show it as video suggestion beside extremely popular videos. You will notice that your other videos are also getting views, which you are not even promoting. You will also get a bunch of subscribers.

7) Once one of your promoted videos have got a minimum of 100000 views, stop promoting it. It will now get views naturally. Choose another video and repeat the process. In the meantime, don't stop uploading videos.

8) Your channel WILL get thousands of subscribers. Once your channel has a few thousand subscribers YouTube will start featuring your channel in SUGGESTED CHANNELS. By this time, you are set.

9) You adsense WILL skyrocket AND it will not be banned. If you implement this method carefully, you will earn hundreds of Euros/Dollars per day with adsense.

10) Count your adsense money.

With An Old Account

If you upload videos in a new account and enable monetisation, the video(s) will go under review. If you are uploading Dash Cam, Security Cam footages and those videos go for review, you are SOL. It will get stuck in review for eternity or if you are lucky, YT will email you asking for proofs that you own all the rights. You will never be able to prove that and your monetisation application will be rejected. Even if are making your own videos where you can prove all the rights, it's very frustating to see your videos remain stuck under review while you keep emailing YT hoping that they will enable monetisation on your video.
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