You have a great video but not have many viewer per day because you don’t optimize these videos. You will make more money from videos on Youtube when these videos have many people view your videos

make money on youtube videos
You have a great video but not have many viewer per day because you don’t optimize these videos.You will make more money from videos on Youtube when these videos have many people view your videos.So what do you work to get more viewers , in this post, I will share 6 tips on how to optimize your  videos and your Channel within the YouTube community to help increase your visibility within this search engine as well as help to increase your video’s visibility within Google search results .

1.     There is a good content will make more money from your videos
If you choose a good keyword, great description but your content is not good so you can’t make more traffic to your videos. As I said in “How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Any Videospost,I’m sure all the videos you choose from CC is a good video. So now you don’t care for the content. Because these videos is very great content.
But now you only keep these simple tips in mind to improve money you can make on youtube:
  • A view only counts if a certain percentage of the video has been watched.
  • Keep Video’s short – under 3 minutes ideally or long enough to get the point across (average watch length of a single internet video is 2.7 mins.)
  • Don’t expect your video to go viral.
  • Keep in mind quality of video, sound and script/wording.
All above you can do when you choose video and then change it
2.You try to insert appropriate your main keywords in the title of the video
You try to write the title is very attractive  and unique , make sure to include main keyword into the title of your video. This will help to get your video content found within other search engines and in front of interested users. Your video’s title should be under 66 characters, to make it easier for Google search to display.
  • If you want to include your brand name in the title, it should go last.
  • Consider adding “Video” to the title to help with getting found.
  • Keep the title engaging and descriptive; show user what exactly the video is about.
  • Be sure to target keywords in the video file name and use the word “video.”
  • You can always go back and change the title later. Try playing around with titles and keywords to see which maximizes your visibility.
3.Write a good description that is detailed and informative
Remember that YouTube and Google can't watch or listen to your video . That means that they heavily lean on the text surrounding the video to understand your video's topic.
The description is a short paragraphs  that is an opportunity for you to advertise content to Youtube and to let Youtube knows exactly whether the given Videos contains the information .Well, the more YouTube knows about your video, the more confidently it can rank it for your target keyword. But more importantly, YouTube uses keywords in the description to rank you for long tail keywords.
Point out what your video is all about and what makes it unique. Keep it simple, yet informative and detailed and put some keywords in.
  • Write creative, compelling and informative descriptions about the video.
  • A maximum of 800 words are allowed within the description.
  • Only the first 25-30 characters are visible in YouTube Search results, so include your primary keywords and links at the beginning. Around two to three sentences more than the title is optimal.
  • Include a link to your website, blog, and any other social channels.
  • Put the URL at the beginning so that the user will see the link even if the “more info” option is collapsed.
4. Optimize YouTube Tags using relevant keywords
Tags are helpful in that they are used by search engines to position you in organic searches. They are also used by YouTube to associate your videos with others containing similar content.
  • Tags can be up to 120 characters long, so use at least 10 tags.
  • When tagging your YouTube video, think of unique tags that include your keyword phrases.
  • Consider using your brand, city, and relevant topics.
  • Use both plural and singular keywords.
  • Using tagging with related topics and keywords can help your videos to appear under “related content” providing you with another way to reach viewers watching other videos or not actively searching for your content.
My tip: If you choose main keyword is “Health”, you can search on YouTuBe  all videos relevant your keywords and then you can copy all these videos tags. This way is only compatible with someone begin to join making money on video Youtube.
5. Transcribe your videos
Write a script and upload your transcript, which YouTube will then use that transcript to provide captions within the video.  Captions can be indexed by Google and can maximize the ability for Google to understand what’s on the video, helping to improve the rankings of your videos. This also allows for your video to be available to the hearing impaired or anyone who cannot use sounds on their devices at any given time.
  • Consider Using Speechpad to Transcribe Videos.
  • Transcribe your video word for word and include relevant keywords into the script and speech within the video.
  • Do not place the transcript within the description, but rather upload and disable the machine transcription.
  • By using captions marketers will maximize the ability for Google to understand what’s on the video and as a result to improve SEO rankings.
6. Annotations
Video Annotations are a way to get viewers to engage with your videos and spend more time viewing your content. You can aim to get viewers to watch more videos, by linking to other videos in a series, or link to specific category or product pages on your site to learn more about topics mentioned within a video. They can also help encourage users to sign up for business services or visit your social media sites. Annotations are suggested to remain on the screen at least for several seconds and you can now link off of YouTube to your site with Annotations if your account is verified.
  • Add background information about the video.
  • Create stories with multiple possibilities (viewers click to choose the next scene.)
  • Link to related YouTube videos, channels, or search results from within a video.
  • Create call-to-actions for sharing, visiting other pages, or commenting.
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