These are 5 ways I get website traffic for a variety of sites I monetize personally. After you read this Asking me any question by taking a comment bellow.

6 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic in one month
These are 5 ways I get website traffic for a variety of sites I monetize personally. After you read this Asking me any question by taking a comment bellow.

1) Target your page 2-3 organic rankings
Page 2 – 3 is useless for traffic forget about it! Nobody looks through those pages, If you are on those
pages you might as well be on page 10 or page 11. But did you know you can usually give your internal pages that are ranking on page two and three a quick boost just by
playing with your internal linking? Use Google Analytics, webmaster tools and semrush to identify the terms and pages that are on page two and three. Write them all down.. Organization is key here... after you find potential targets you need to find pages on your site that have some good juice to toss at those pages.

You can use open site explorer and look at the DA and PA.. they are crap metrics that can be easily
rigged but when you are dealing with your own site they should give you a good idea of what pages are solid.. well as long as you aren’t spamming your own site! You can do this in 2 seconds by entering your main URL in OSE and then look at the top pages tab.

Once you have identified your strongest pages drop some links on those pages to your pages that are
sitting on Google page 2 and 3.. this works good for long tail keywords that need just a little nudge.
Smart internal linking is something 99% of people forget to do and it makes zero sense as there are a
lot of missed opportunities here. Take small steps and don’t just drop a shit load of internal links to
a single page at once, make small changes and see how the SERPS react - it's all about that testing and optimizing guys.

2) Use PPC copy from top companies in your page descriptions
Page descriptions don’t mean shit for SEO! You could include your keyword in them but it isn’t going to help your rankings. A lot of people will say to include the keyword in the description anyway to help with the click through because the person is likely to click on the page if they see the same keyword they just searched for.

It makes sense but if you look at some descriptions they just look so awkward with the keyword slapped in there.. Nobody is going to be impressed and want to click on some bullshit just because it includes a keyword.. I get all my description copy ideas from people that are spending crazy money testing ads...PPC advertisers!

I will do a Google search related to the topic of the page I am writing a description for and look at the
top PPC ads. Keep in mind here these advertisers are spending heaps of money split testing copy and they aren’t just pulling random lines of copy out of their ass! They value their money too much to do I look at the best ads and get my description copy there. PPC ads on top are spending the most and have  the best click through so it is a good source of copy that attracts people to make them want to click.

Try it... A lot of people have good rankings but their descriptions suck so bad nobody clicks on their
page - Top ranks are worthless unless they entice people to click on them.

3) Make list posts that feature sites you want links and traffic from
This is easy to do for any niche... Make a list of the best websites that you want to try to get links on
because of referral traffic and not SEO, I call this making bullshit as kissing posts.. This can be
done in any niche.

Example: if you have a website that features funny pictures of dogs make a list of all the top sites you
would want to get a link from and that has visitors you would love to have check out your website.. Now create a blog post that has a very broad topic so you can include every site you are interested in

Make sure you link out to each one (and don't no-follow them) – seriously, so many people are worried about losing link juice.. Guess what? No-following all your outbound links or even not linking out makes you look suspicious! The name of the SEO game is looking natural.. Do the biggest sites in the world link out? Yes.. Do they no-follow everything? No.

Create a good blog post, don’t hire a “native” to shit out a $5 article you will just be wasting your
time.. spend $$ and get a great blog post that will impress everyone you include in it.

Once you publish it contact all of the websites you included in your list.. Email them.. Use the contact form on their site.. Tweet them.. Facebook them.. Don’t worry about bothering them! They won’t see it as you pestering them once they discover that you are doing it to let them know that you featured them. Think about it for a minute.. they are after links and exposure just like you are so by giving them a link they are going to feel like they have to return the favor. They will often write a blog post telling their readers that they were featured and named as a blog to read.. Stroke their ego and get a link and mention. It is a niche related link and can push traffic to your site also.

5) Sign up for every single newsletter in your niche
Getting links on top sites in your niche isn’t hard if you just approach it differently than the other
sheeple.. everyone else is sending out copy and paste messages that all say the same crap. They offer a 500 word unique article and ask for a link.. forget that noise. No serious website owner is going to respond or welcome that offer and if a site does it isn’t one you want a link from anyway.

Most websites have a newsletter or some list you can subscribe to.. sign up for every single one you can find!  You are going to get a shit ton of emails so set up a separate email address but make sure you keep it on your  domain.. so if you use [email protected] as your mail email set something like [email protected] for this.. DO NOT do  some stupid shit like spam@ or newsletter@ - any smart website owner will sniff this out and know what you are  up to.

Every time you get a new newsletter read through it in 3 seconds and reply to it and compliment some point..“That was great – I totally agree about (whatever) because (your point)” – and also start to tweet out blog posts from the site., they will start to see that you are replying to their newsletters (nobody does this) and  sharing their stuff on social media.. this is building a relationship.

After you do this for a few weeks include a pitch in one of your replies to their newsletter.. “I was actually just writing a blog post about (the topic you are replying about) and wanted to know if you would like to publish it on your website?”

This is such a casual guest post request.. It isn’t annoying or spammy like 99% of the other ones.. It will stand out and they will identify you as the person that has been communicating with them and promoting their content!

Approach this like you would a girl you want to marry and not just sleep with.. You have to wine and dine and put in some effort. You aren’t going right to the bedroom. If a girl drops her pants right away she is dirty!..just like a blog is dirty if they let anyone guest post! But the effort is worth it when you land that post and get a niche link that will kick back referral traffic and give you a SEO boost.

6) Publish one blog post daily that targets a low search volume long tail keyword
Everyone is on the long tail keyword bandwagon these days but most will skip over a keyword that has a low search volume of 20 searches.. they think it isn’t worth going after but I will tell you it is! The key is to target one every single day.. most people skip them over so the competition is low.. you can often rank with just good on site optimization - low laying fruit, shit fruit laying on the ground ready to pick up.
6 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic For Free

I make sure the long tail is used in the title, in the first part of the content and a couple more times in
the content. IMG ALT tag and H2 tag to round it off.. since you are going this daily make sure to interlink correctly.

Being consistent comes into play after some time.. But imagine if you targeted a keyword daily that “only” has a monthly search volume of 20.. After 1 year you would be targeting about 260 keywords if you did it Mon - Fri  every week.. 20 x 260 = 5,200 VERY TARGETED searches a month.. If your on site optimization is up to scratch done properly you will be ranking on top for all of these.

This type of traffic will do better than more general keywords because these very low volume long tails are extremely targetted! When you think of the big picture this is such an easy thing to take action on.. If you can’t afford to outsource the article daily just write it first thing in the morning.. get up 15 min early to  get it done.. Just do it! This is such an easy way to increase your traffic but not with just any traffic..this is very targeted. Once you start to make money increase to 3-5 of these low search volume long tails.Most people just see the big search volume and don’t want to put the effort into the low volume stuff.. I’ll clean house with that stuff all day long.

Remember all of these can be scaled up with some employees then you can really get cooking.. but as always don't half ass those employees!

Hope some of you find this useful.. I want to hear your feedback bellow and would love to see others
post one of your tips for increasing traffic,go ahead and bookmark it.
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