How to Create A New GIG And Setting Up For Maximum Making More Money On Fiverr?Today I’m now going to go into how I create a gig that will be picked up in the searches. This section will be very general.

The previous post has showed Some Tips To Create a New Account On Fiverr. So how to Create A New GIG And Setting Up For Maximum Making More Money On Fiverr?Today I’m now going to go into how I create a gig that will be picked up in the searches. This section will be very general. When I go on to talk about what to sell on Fiverr in the next posts, I will go into detail as to what to put exactly for each type of gig I suggest. I will cover exactly what keywords, titles, images, categories and more. For now let’s look at how I create a gig and then what my “secret sauce” is.
Best Way To Make More Money On Fiverr

Let’s create a gig. At the top right of, you will see Start Selling or Sales,depending on whether you just created your account or not. Click on “Create Gig”.

1.GIG Title
The first thing Fiverr will ask for is your gig title. Fiverr limits all gig titles to 80 characters max but do not actually create a gig using the full 80 characters in your title. The most characters you should use are 50 characters. The ideal gig title length is 16-50 characters.Why? Long gig titles do not rank as well in Fiverr’s searches as shorter titles do. But obviously you don’t want to force your gig title to be too short either. Try to make your gig title as long as possible until it is at 50 characters. Using as many keywords as possible in the title will help it be picked up in Fiverr searches.

An example of a good gig title: 

I will get you 1000 real looking Twitter followers  This title contains 3 keywords that people frequently search: real, Twitter, followers. Even though in this case the Twitter followers being sold aren’t real, this gig will still show in a search “real Twitter followers”. 

This is very important. Having your gig in the best category and sub-category possible will mean more clicks and conversions when users are browsing categories just checking to see what kinds of gigs a category contains. I will tell you which category exactly each kind of gig I suggest should be in, in the next time.

The most in-demand categories on Fiverr, in the order of most searched to least, at the time of writing this topic are: Online Marketing, Graphics & Design, Advertising, Video & Animation and Writing & Translation.

3.GIG Gallery 
Here you upload photos relevant to your gig. This is not as important as you might think. In the “Secret Sauce” section of this part, I will tell you why the Gig Gallery is not going to make or break your earnings. The most important part of creating your gig is the secret sauce. But for now, let me break down how to properly use the gig gallery.

The gig gallery allows you to upload JPEGs no bigger than 2 MB. The recommended dimensions for these photos are 682x459, I know those are weird dimensions but that’s what Fiverr recommends and scales your images to.

Here you should only use high quality photos. Either samples of your work, like if you’re selling logo designs for example, pictures of yourself if you’re going to be modeling a sign or doing video testimonials, or an image created by you or someone else which attractively displays the service you offer, like a splash image advertising your backlinks service. You can either make that kind of image yourself or again, find someone on Fiverr to do it. You don’t want it to be something made in paint or cheap looking. Your image has to look fantastic and dimensioned properly. This helps with conversions. Here’s an image for SEO services that I think is a good example:

4.How to Write A Attractive Description
Obviously, this is dependent on what you’re selling. So, in the next time, I will tell you what description to put for each gig I suggest. However, in general, you want to stuff as many keywords as possible in your descriptions. Fiverr will not allow you to publish your gig if it contains too many instances of a keyword, so just put as many as Fiverr will allow. Usually it’s 3 instances.

You also only have 1200 characters to work with. While that may seem like a lot, I generally like to have a FAQ in my descriptions after I describe the gig. Trust me, when you get 30-40 orders a day, you won’t want to deal with the same questions over and over as well as the same mistakes people make when ordering your gig, such as assuming you do something you don’t.

The first part of your description should be straight to the point. It’s basically you taking your title of your gig, but putting the full length version of your title you couldn’t fit in the title because of the character limit. A good place to start if you sell Twitter followers would be something like: “1000 high quality Twitter followers fast to any profile. No account access required, all real-looking and 100% safe”.

I recommend bolding this and even highlighting it. The next section could be bullet points, breaking down all the features of your gig, or exactly everything they get for $5.

5. Tags
These are very important if you want your gig to be picked up in searches. You’re only allowed a maximum of 5 keywords here so make them good. You’re also only allowed to use a keyword once. So if I use “Twitter” I can’t also put “Twitter followers”. So which do you use? Put the keywords people are searching. Fiverr users are not really searching “Twitter”, they’re using “Twitter followers” so use that as a keyword instead of just “Twitter”.

What I like to do, is put relevant keywords here so I’m picked up in searches where users may not be exactly looking for my service, but when they see it, they think “Oh, I could use that too” or “Let me check this out”.

Using the Twitter followers example again, I will obviously use the keywords “Twitter followers, real, fast” but I’ll also throw in “retweets” and “favorites” even though my gig is only selling followers. This way, I’ll be picked up in searches where users are seeking retweets and favorites. They’re still likely to view my gig since they would likely want followers too. I will help you further with this concept in the next time but you will need to think outside the box.

The duration of your gig is purely dependent on a few things. If you have a supplier or are outsourcing something, test your supplier first before making a gig. See how long it takes them to deliver on average. I go into this a bit in my next post but that is one way to determine duration so your orders don’t end up being late.

If you’re selling video testimonials or photos of yourself holding a sign, put 1 day in the very beginning, especially if you’re not even a level 1 seller. This will require work in the beginning, but once you get at least 10 orders and positive reviews, you can always change this to 2 or 3 days and have an Express gig extra where you will deliver this in 1 day. I go into having a 1 day gig duration in a future posts and how this can help sky rocket your sales when you have a new gig or account.

Even if your gig is running late, Fiverr allows you an additional 24 hours to deliver the gig before the seller is able to cancel. So, you technically have 2 days to deliver a gig even when you set it to 1 day. If you’re running really late, always notify your buyer or ask your buyer to please not cancel the order. This is key. If you’ve already outsourced the gig and paid someone else and your buyer cancels, you will lose that money. On top of that, negative feedback is left whenever a buyer cancels a late order! So be careful.

7.Instructions To Buyers
If you don’t have this part set-up right, expect to get a lot of orders that will end up being a headache. The key here is to ask for every single thing you need, no matter how obvious you think it is. You’d be surprised, people will order a gig like Twitter followers and then assume

you’re a psychic and just know what their Twitter account is. So, don’t leave anything out.
Here’s a good template to start from:
“HEY! Thanks for your business :)
Please provide me with.......................................................
Also include
- ...................................................................
- ..............................................
Please no requests after ordering. Everything I provide is as per my gig description!
If you like ........ you should check out my other gig .........”
Your “Instructions to buyers” also allow you to cross-promote other gigs of yours or even a website of yours. I go into this in detail in the next time.

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