How to get more views to make money from youtube videos ? on this post i will share you 10 steps to you easily make money from your video youtube.

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The previous post I have told an important tip for you to make money from Youtube without uploading any videos. As I said step 1 is very great part for everyone begin to join making money with Youtube, in this post I continuously write 10 steps remain. For Step 1: How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Any Videos

Step 2. Create 2 Gmail accounts with 2 YouTube accounts connected to them (if you want to earn more money from Youtube I advise you should create at least ten Gmail accounts)
Step 3. In some other ways to make money online requirement you have some knowledges about your topic. But in this way you don’t need any knowledge about your topic since you will not make any videos of your own. This can really be anything that is popular. Some examples can be Health, Technology, Movies, Games, "How to" on any topic, Sports, Politics, Alternative news, conspiracies, new age, spirituality, etc etc etc .Later on you can expand and create more Gmails & YouTube accounts for more topics.
I will simply stay to "Health" during this guide, and thus refer to health-related stuff in how to build up your channel, work with keywords, etc etc.(I decided to choose Health topic because as you saw there are million of  videos on Youtube have a content relevance to “Health”  so that is an good opportunity for you to reuse these thousands of videos to make money on Youtube).
Often it can be good to be a bit broad in the topic you decide, lets say Health - dont narrow it down too much by getting into a specific subject such as "Migraine" but leave it wide open for you to work on material for all kind of people. Gets you more back.

Since using the "Health" example, one name for a youtube channel could be "Modern Health", which can cover a lot, rather than "Headaches Today", which would be very narrow.

Step 4. So which ways can help you to get money from your videos, this step will help you understand how to earn money from your videos on youtube. If you have any questions about how to get an adsense account, you can take a comment bellow I will answer and guiding you. Set up an Adsense if you dont have one already - connect it with only one of the 2 accounts! THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP: One account will be the adsense channel, which is your "holy" channel that will be kept safe at all costs. The other account will be your sucker-account, to drive extra traffic to your main adsense account. Your second account can be used for other things if you want to gain more cash, such as clickbank referrals. Peerfly etc can also be good. Don’t worry about it here though, I will only focus on using adsense in this tutorial.

Step 5. Set up two Twitter accounts and get yourself  Tweetadder. Connect your YouTube accounts to your Twitter account as well. Use Tweetadder to gain tons of contacts and to post tweets linking to your videos regularly. Always add new videos into tweetadder - spin your posts so you get many versions leading to the same videos. Please study this elsewhere if you do not know anything about it, tons of info on Tweetadder, Spinning, etc out there. Set up all the good stuff like scheduled auto-tweets, auto-add contacts, auto-reply on tweets and msgs, etc. You can get a good spinner to create tons of tweets to rotate in the auto-tweet function from - if you have no idea what I’m speaking of here look it up or just skip this whole step. You will make easily thousands of additional contacts here though if you implement it

Step 6. Set up two facebook accounts and connect these as well with your YouTube. Myself I maintain my facebook profile (only one) manually. You can get automated software for it too if you want, similar to tweetadder for twitter. I can’t help you on recommendations though since I don’t use any for the Facebook. I just spam my own personal account here with links to my Youtube videos.

Note: In step 4 and 5 above, make sure to tailor your Twitter account and Facebook account in connection with the content of your YouTube accounts. Create profiles relating to your YouTube topic with info and descriptions etc suitable. I will not go into more details on setting up the two since its fairly straight forward and tons of info on this already out there.

Step 7. Set up some accounts on link sharing sites, I personally recommend and as well as a couple big forums on your topic (googling "Health forum" and "Health discussions" would be sufficient for finding that using the health-example I am working with in this thread). This part alone often gives me several thousands extra views per day.

When posting in these places, make sure it is not spammy. Try to get people to discuss and give feedback and comments on videos you post - specially in forums since they have low threshold on spam. Examples for forums can be to use videos that shows treatments or cures for different things, or exercises, etc and create a discussion asking people what they think of the video you present, if it is a legitimate method or not, and always ask people to give their suggestions, ideas and share personal discoveries and stories - this will keep the thread alive and ranked good.

Eventually other people in the same (and other) places will start posting threads and links to your videos from your channels, if you manage to keep quality up that keeps people interested.

Step 8. Do some good keyword research for your videos, this is most easily done by using keyword tools of  google.
Use the google adwords tool since you want to rank good on both YouTube and Google searches to get more views and visitors . I recommend that you use keywords with LOW competition but high amount of searches when optimizing your keywords in titles, descriptions and tags. Always use keywords in all 3 (Title, Description, Tags). There is tons of good info on this already out there so I won’t go into more details on keywords and search optimization. Google it, find it in youtube, etc.
Step 9. Go to and to boost views on your videos cheap. This is useful for kicking some life into your videos in the beginning when starting up channels. Very easy and quick to set up, and won’t jeopordize our yourtube channels.

Step 10. Get Tube Toolbox - excellent tool for building your channel further, getting contacts and subscribers interested in your topics, and generally maintaining your channel. They got tons of info on their site on how to use it, and tons of info in youtube and google.

Step 11. When adding videos to the 2 accounts, as I mentioned use one for adsense and one for traffic (And optionally other income ways like clickbank). Keep things light with your adsense based youtube account, completely and 100% white hat to not risk anything. Be hardcore and blast your second account good using as much as the mentioned tools and methods as possible. Put links in every description of videos in second channel back to videos on first channel, as well as feature your own first channel on channel page of second channel. Make annotations in every video on second channel linking back to first channel. Use same videos on both channels if wanted, with different titles, tags, keywords. Then you will also learn which does better so you can maximize your income and views.

Use some common sense and try your best to work within the TOS of YouTube, and both your accounts should be fine. Make your videos interesting - something which is easy using other peoples CC videos. Make people interact a lot, by asking them to Subscribe, Like your videos, Comment etc.

When putting out CC videos, use the text feature to add an intro text and outro text with name of channel you want to promote, and telling people to subscribe and comment etc, as well as to add any links to additional income sources like affiliate sites etc (can also be added in description). Be creative, add your own stuff, enhance the method I have given you here.

You can do pretty good with steps above, but using all mentioned here will pretty much guarantee you can easily make more money from Videos on Youtube.

Expect a couple weeks of hard daily work while setting up things, before you can sit back and relax more as your income grows and efforts decreases. Make sure to maintain your channels and do some updates on regular basis once you start making good money, so the good money will keep steady and growing.

Last but not least : Share ANY extra tips and ideas you have that can further improve this method and gain even more views and money
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