How to make money on twitter? which is the most popular questions when finding way making money from twitter today i will explain it on this article, and help you can make $200 per day

how to make money on twitter?

This article I will write a way making $200 a day from Twitter account. This is a article in how to make money on Social Media post series. Have some ways  making money from Twitter, you can choose a way you like. I think you should choose at least 3 ways to make money with Twitter. After that I will guide you how to make money with Twitter on Mylikes.

1. First I created an account with Mylikes. Mylikes pays up to 0.04, per click, and all you have to do is spread the link. The thing is, this site offer numerous trending articles, so there's more then enough content. All you have to do is choose one and spread the link.

After you created a Twitter account, create a MyLikes account. In order for your twitter account to get accepted for the next, please make sure you have a Bio(Anything you want), a profile picture, a background picture, and about 20 tweets. Just tweet slowly, about anything you like.
Sign up for twiends. All you have to do is log in to their site, using Twitter. If your account is pending, wait 1-2 days.

2. I use twiends to get a fair amount of twitter followers. Twiends is a followback type program, so once you follow someone, you recieve seeds, and at the same time, other people will be following you back. Once I hit my daily limit on Twiends (You can follow max 1,000) I go to twitclub, and you can get 100 free daily followers. Just follow 100 people, they automatically follow back.
For twiends, follow everyone offering you seeds. Don't follow anyone that says "O seeds." Once you follow everyone on that page, hit reload and do the same. Once you accumulate around 50 seeds, wait till your seeds run down to 10 (Usually takes 15 minutes, or less), then continue to follow more people, until you hit your daily limit.

3. Once I have around 3-4K followers, takes 4-7 days max, I bought 13K fake followers from fiverr. This cost $5. Fake followers are important because they add an authority type feeling. People will generally tend to retweet/read your message more, if you have more following.

4. 4K real + 13K fake brought me up to 17K.
make money on twitter

5.Now you need to start a trend that goes viral. The most recent I did was "#howmakemoneywithtwitters are 5-0! Our time is now! Check out what others are saying (Your link here)" In order for a trend to go viral, many people have to be talking about it. You can do two things here. 1) Start a new trend, or 2) Get an exisiting trend, and go from there. If you're going to be working with an exisiting trend, look at how many retweets the top comments has. If it has less 2.5k RT, then you can work with it.

I'll give you one for free. The trend was #EasilyAttractedTo, and someone put #EasilyAttractedTo tall boys. A simple tweet, although after using step 6) of this tutorial, the tweet was at the top of the list. It has jumped 2.5K Retweets, to over 11,000.

6. Now all you need is a lot of retweets. You can go on fiverr for this, and there are a few selling 2,500 retweets for $5. All you have to do is wait 24 hours for the seller, and your tweet will either be the first under that hashtag, or among the very top. Now ofcourse this Atlanta Falcon was just ane example, same with #EasilyAttractedTo, so see what works best. Another good one is #100ThingsIHate <---- Find a good joke, and you could link to an article.

7) And watch the money roll in. People will be retweeting because your tweet is at the top, curious people will click your link, and most times, the topic will be trending for a few days yielding you massive profits.

Video Tips Make Money With Mylikes:
For more ways about how to make money on Twitter go ahead click on making money menu and choosing make money on Twitter. I’ll try adding new ways to this blog so go ahead and bookmark it. Please do share your own ideas in the comments
Good luck for you !
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I have begun to make money online with my twitter account since 2011 and I have made $200 per day. And now I have lots of ways to make money with social media as Facebook, Youtube ... and Fiverr, Clickbank, Amazon ... I will show all to you on this Blog.

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