The first of all to make money on Fiverr you have to create one or more account on Fiverr and make one now before continuing on through this topic.

The first of all to make money on Fiverr you have to create one or more account on Fiverr and make one now before continuing on through this topic. You will also need a PayPal account to withdraw your money that you’ve earned through Fiverr. To create a new account, go to and click on “Join” in the upper-right hand corner. 
Create a Account On Fiverr To Make Money

Here, you can join with Facebook if you wish but I’d rather you make an account from scratch. When choosing a username, it is helpful to pick a relevant username. For example, if you will be doing SEO and backlink gigs, something like “SEO_Girl” or “SEOking” would both be good choices.
It’s important to do this since you are branding yourself. Fiverr users see your username and they will recognize you are specializing in that type of gig. This will also encourage users to click on your profile to view other gigs you offer since they will assume you only offer gigs of this.

After registering, confirm your email by clicking the link in the email Fiverr will send you to the email you signed up with.

Setup A New Account 
Profile Photo: If you are confident having your face on the internet, I highly recommend you upload a picture of yourself as a profile photo. Fiverr is a very social marketplace. You will see many people sit in front of a camera and describe their gig. If you upload a picture of yourself in your profile, you will seem more trusting and you will get more orders because of this. If you do not want to use a photo of yourself, you can also decide to upload a picture of an attractive girl. Why? I will get into this in detail later in this topic, but women seem to make  more money on Fiverr than men. An attractive girl in your profile will also attract more clicks to your profile, thus allowing more people to see all the gigs you offer. Trust me on this. I’ve experimented with male profiles vs. female profiles when I made multiple Fiverr accounts. The female accounts ALWAYS have more sales.

Something About You: This section is pretty important. It appears in the right sidebar of every one of your gig’s pages as well as on your profile. Here you should describe yourself briefly and give some background on your expertise. At the end of your bio I highly recommend a call to action. “Check out my other gigs on my profile for more SEO for only $5!” would be a good call to action at the bottom of your bio. This is important because on every page of your gigs, Fiverr users will see this call to action and encourage them to see your other gigs when most of them wouldn’t have otherwise.

Fiverr Levels - High Level Make More Money
The Fiverr has provided three levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 If you haven’t made your Fiverr account already it’s really important you do right now. This is because Fiverr has seller levels which partly depend on the age of your account. I will go into further detail explaining what these levels are, what they do and why they’re important. Seller levels are important since they place a badge or icon next to your name which gives you credibility to other users. Besides that, seller levels open up new options for you as a seller.

Level 1:

Requirements: 30 days member and completed at least 10 orders with excellent ratings.
Benefits: Able to offer 2x “Gig Extras” (up to $20) and users are able to purchase your gigs in multiples. (max of 4)

Level 2:

Requirements: 60 days member and completed at least 50 orders with excellent ratings.
Benefits: Able to offer 3x “Gig Extras” (up to $40) and users are able to purchase your gigs in multiples. (max of 8)

Level 3:

Requirements: Top Rated sellers are manually chosen. You need to have a high sales volume, seniority, very high rating across all of your gigs, and good customer service. This is very difficult to achieve but with this topic it is possible. Don’t fret though: your goal should be to at least achieve Level 2. This badge will help increase your sales volume.
Benefits: Able to offer 4x “Gig Extras” (up to $100) and users are able to purchase your gigs in multiples. (max of 20)

"Most of the Asian (Indian, Pakistan and etc) fiverr accounts tends to use a country like US or UK to gain more Authority to their account. You can simply change your IP to one of those countries and create an account. But make sure to use a Proxy from the same country when ever you log in to your account, if not the country will be automatically changed to your original country within some period of time You can use HOLA Browser extension to easily change your IP for a specific country.

If you are contacting Fiverr CS make sure to use a proxy from the same country. This is the major point where your account might get revealed and less pay attention to this.

Try to write the gig descriptions and communicate in Good Quality English if not, the buyer will understand that they are interacting with a FAKE Account and he will skip you."

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