I will colect 17 easy way to make money with graphic design on fiverr for newbie.

Today i will list 17 ways to easy make money online with Fiverr.

1. 3D Book Mockup
There are a lot of authors on Fiverr looking for things like e-book covers and even mockups for their books. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or Photoshop whiz  to be able to create a great looking 3D book mockup. You can find a lot of templates on Graphic River but you have to be careful with their usage and licenses. There are also free templates on the internet if you search for them.
Top 17 Ways To Make Money With  Graphic design on Fiverr

2. T-Shirt Mockup
A lot of people want to see their logos/designs on t-shirts and you can easily whip up a mockup using a template. You can buy a t-shirt mockup template from GraphicRiver or find a free one on the internet with a Google search.

3.Product/Packaging Mockup
Business owners and software developers come to Fiverr looking for mockups for their product and packaging. You can find paid packaging and box mockups on Graphic River but again, there are free alternatives on the internet if you search for them.

4.Website Mockup
There are templates on the internet that can mockup a website by displaying it on  a laptop or computer screen. This is useful for webdesigners who want to show their  clients their design and how it would look on a computer. Graphic River has these kinds of mockups but again, be sure to see licenses regarding usage.

 5.App Mockup
Many app developers like to include mockups of their apps shown on a tablet or smart phone for the screenshots on their website or on the app’s listing itself in the  Google Play store or Itunes App store. Graphic River has some excellent mockup templates but again you can find some free if you search for them.

6.CD/Album Cover Mockup
Musicians, rappers and DJs are another great demographic of buyers to create  gigs for. You can quickly and easily create a 3D mockup of their album cover and cd case using a template from Graphic River or one you find for free online.

7.App Icon   
App developers that don’t have any graphic design skills look to Fiverr to outsource their app icons. There are a lot of ways you can go about creating one, including generators online, but the best way is to find a template and use it.

8. FB Timeline Cover Photos
This is a surprisingly in-demand gig and it is very easy to do. There are a lot of  free tools you can use to generate a great looking timeline photo. Cover Junction,Timeline Cover Banner, Pic Scatter, will all do the job.

9.Ad Banners
 Look for free templates online that are the most common dimensions for ads and use those to create simple ads for your buyers.

10. Favicons
You can create one from scratch or ask your buyer to send you a logo/image that you will then convert to a favicon for them with a free converter.

11.Word Cloud Image
A new trend for a lot of blogs and websites is to display create Word Clouds for their website for either the most popular/common words used on their website or just words they wish to include in the Word Cloud. There are a lot of free tools online, like this one, that can do it for you.

12.Photo Touchup/Red Eye Removal
If you’re skilled or experienced with Photoshop, retouching is a highly sought  after gig, especially for something such as red eye correction which can easily be corrected in Photoshop or even with a free online tool.

13.Simpsons/South Park Character
Another easy to make yet surprisingly popular gig is to take someone’s photo and creating a Simpsons or South Park character based on how the buyer looks. Using this Simpsons character creator(http://milkandcookies.com/link/41026) or this South Park character creator, you can         complete an order in 10 minutes.

14. Edit Photos/Graphics
Simple graphic design jobs like saving images in different formats, changing the color of objects, and deleting the background from images are all quick jobs you could charge $5 for on Fiverr.

15.Turn Photos Into Digital Paintings
Quickly and easily turn someone’s photo into a digital painting with either Photoshop (lots of tutorials online) or with a free tool such as this one or this one.

16.Turn Image Into ASCII Art
Turn someone’s photo to an ASCII art in seconds with text-image.com.

17. Turn Image Into Mosaic
Turn someone’s photo or art into a mosaic with click7.org.

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