In order to learn how to find a niche market to sell on Amazon that is profitable, it’s important to take your time to carefully research "What is a Niche Market and Why it's Important?".

Are you looking to find a niche market to sell on Amazon that will make you money, but don’t know where to start? It can be a challenge getting started selling on Amazon, because there are so many different niches markets and products that you can sell in.
If you fail to sell a product that isn’t profitable or in a big enough market, then it’s going to end up being a big waste of money and time.
Or if you pick a product to sell in a niche or market that is too competitive, then it will end up being costly or near impossible to be able to compete with the competition.
I would say that picking the niche market to sell on Amazon is probably the most important process of selling on Amazon.  It will determine your success or failure selling on Amazon.

In order to learn how to find a niche market to sell on Amazon that is profitable, it’s important to take your time to carefully research "What is a Niche Market and Why it's Important?".

What is a Niche Market and Why it's Important To Sell On Amazon?
By it's definition, a niche market is a small market segment, a part of a bigger "market". An example of big market would be "weight loss" and within the "weight loss market" are smaller sub-niches like "weight loss by juicing", "weight loss by eating whole foods", etc.
By targeting a "niche market", you'll be able to identify your "target customers" more easily. You'll be able to create content that speaks to them and provide more "targeted products and services" that they need. Because if you're trying to be an "expert" in everything, then you'll most likely end up "diluting" your resources and time, to the point that people will just see you as a "jack of all trades" instead of an expert. This is what I did for many years and it was a very costly mistake...

How to Find a Niche Market To Sell Fast On Amazon
Importance of processes in helping you can find niche market ideas
  • I'll look at the Big Market (Choose from one of the BIG 4 Markets)
  • I'll look at a particular "Audience Segment" within this Big Market (groups of people)
  • I'll look at Competitors selling products and services to this "Audience segment"
  • I'll build my online business around the needs, desires, and wants of this "Audience Segment"
Ok now we are going to Research To Find What Is Already Selling On Amazon One of the fastest ways to find a Niche Market to sell on Amazon is to look through the Amazon Best Sellers List in different categories to find out what is already selling.
By looking through the Amazon Best Sellers List, you’re able to get an idea of the top 100 products that are currently selling on Amazon, to give you ideas on what products to sell.

How to Find a Niche Market To Sell Fast On Amazon

My experience, the easiest and fastest way for someone to make money on Amazon is through private labelling a product. What this means, is to find a product that is already selling on Amazon and then finding a supplier that is already making that product, and just slap your own label or packaging on it.
By private labelling a product and selling it on Amazon, you aren’t required to invent something new. By attempting to invent a new product or create a new market on Amazon, it is very risky and has a high chance of failure.
However, if you can just model a product that is already selling and profitable, and then just offer something slightly better or different in that market, and do a better job at your marketing, then you can make a lot of money selling on Amazon.
So that’s why I recommend to find a product on Amazon that is already making money in profitable. And like I said, using the Amazon Best Seller List will give you a lot of valuable data and information to help you to find out Niche Market is selling and profitable.
If you’re looking for some tools or resources to help you how to find a niche market to sell on Amazon, then I’d recommend Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is a powerful software that will make your life much easier in helping you do all the research you need to find niche markets – it’s worth the investment.
You’ll also want to narrow down the right “primary keyword” for the products that you’re interested in, so you can do research on them and by typing them into the Amazon search.
There are 7 important steps to find good products to sell on Amazon:
  • Make sure the product is light and relatively small (not more than a few pounds), as this will make a big difference in the cost of shipping your product.
  • Find a product you can sell for more than $10 and will have at least a 30-50% profit margin.
  • Find a product that is simple and won’t break easily or have complications, as otherwise it can result in refunds or customer complaints.
  • Find a product that is relatively inexpensive to make (this will depend on your budget).
  • Pick a product that you can stand out some way in the market with, or you can find a better product to sell on Amazon in that market.
  • Find a product to sell on Amazon that you will be somewhat interested in or passionate about.
  • Think about your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th product. Think about the bigger picture, the market and niche you want to get into, and ultimately the brand you want to create.
When you find out good product to sell on Amazon the next step is to analyze the competition and make sure you’re confident that you can compete. To analyze the competition, looking at their reviews and the quality of their product is the most important part. If the competitors have thousands of reviews, then that is going to be very challenging for you to compete with. It can take years to get that many reviews on some products. I’ve found a reasonable amount of reviews for someone to compete with, especially as a beginner, is a couple hundred reviews.
So take a look at the top products and keep note of how many reviews they have. You might find that some have a lot of reviews, like 1000+, whereas others might have a couple hundred and are selling pretty easily. This is good, because it shows you what it will take for you to compete with these products also.
If you have any questions or anything please take a comment on this. Thanks So Much, Good luck!
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