How To Use Tumblr Effectively For SEO And Social Media Marketing Online? Tumblr is a fantastic platform that can really benefit for Social Media Marketing Online. Tumblr is a hybrid blog and social network platform. Or, as I like to call it "a blog on SEO steroids" . Are you thinking "Sounds like".

Tumblr is a fantastic platform that can really benefit for Social Media Marketing Online. Tumblr is a hybrid blog and social network platform. Or, as I like to call it "a blog on SEO steroids" . Are you thinking "Sounds like".
What is the Tumblr?
There are so many social media platforms out there today that online marketers have to be concerned about when promoting content online, that it can be easy to overlook some of the important ones.

Tumblr is one of those social networks which is often overlooked, but which has tremendous potential for SEO and social media marketing online. I myself was slow to adopt Tumblr as a social media platform, but once I started using it I became hooked by its power and simplicity. Hopefully by the end of this post, you'll feel the same.
  • 130.5 million blogs on Tumblr, as of August 2013
  • 28th highest traffic site on the web according to Comscore
  • 300 million unique monthly visitors according to Yahoo
  • 50% of Tumblr users are under the age of 25
  • 53.5% of Tumblr visitors are female
As you can see, the numbers are massive. There are now over 130 million Tumblr blogs (known as "tumblrogs"), which makes Tumblr the largest hosted blog platform on the web, compared to the 70 million blogs hosted on It has 300 million monthly visitors, basically 15% of all Internet users. And it has a demographic that is unique in that 50% of the users are under 25, many of whom are teenagers.
How To Use Tumblr Effectively For SEO And Social Media Marketing Online

Big brands have taken notice of this too. In May, Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion (the largest purchase of a consumer Internet company since Google bought YouTube), and many of the world's largest brands already have a presence on Tumblr.

The Tumblr because it combines the functionality of many different kinds of sites.
What is the Tumblr Effectively For SEO

The way I like to think of Tumblr is as a cross between Wordpress and Facebook-- Tumblr has all the blogging functionality of a blog platform such as Wordpress, but also includes all the features of a social site such as hashtags, following, sharing, and liking. Tumblr is similar to Pinterest in many ways, except instead of multiple boards you have a single blog.

So although Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging (or microblogging) platforms on the web, it goes beyond just being a blog and allows users to share and like each other's content, follow other Tumblr blogs, and discover new content through hashtags. It's a blog platform with built-in social functionality and incredible viral potential.

Why The Tumblr is a Social Media Effectively For SEO

  • Dofollow Backlinks
Most social networks set all their outbound links to be “nofollow” by default. Tumblr’s links are dofollow, which means that there is a certain flow of authority, PageRank, and “link juice” from Tumblr to your pages. They can spread easily… Just like the retweet feature on Twitter, Tumblr allows its users to reblog the posts that they like. Let’s say you post a compelling image with a link back to your site and people reblog it 150 times. That’s 150 (okay, 151) dofollow links built to your site naturally – the way it’s meant to be done!
The Tumblr is great place to build Dofollow Backlink
While Tumblr is usually used in conjunction with other channels, there is no law that prevents you from using it as your main one. When needed, you can make your Tumblr page your “main” site, at least for now. The social aspect (combined with the internal dofollow effect) makes it relatively easy to rank high in the SERPs on its can always use the page to post links to your main site later. By then it might reach a high PR (PR3 is very reasonable if you are good enough), and the links you post will weigh a lot.
Of course, you will want to be careful about what kind of anchor text you're using in this post-Penguin world, but if you're looking for some easy, dofollow backlinks, Tumblr is the place to get them.
  • The Tumblr is a Great Content Discovery Platform
Another great benefit of Tumblr is that it has a great content discovery system built into it, thanks to its use of hashtags. If you're ever looking for great images or memes, try searching Tumblr for the hashtag, and you'll find some good material.

The great thing about Tumblr is that people actually use hashtags for content discovery (unlike, say, Facebook). This means that by using relevant and popular tags, it's super easy for your content to get discovered on Tumblr, even if you don't have many followers. I have literally created brand new tumblrogs from scratch, and received dozens of reblogs for my content, even though I had zero followers. And remember, on Tumblr reblogs are dofollow backlinks. This is definitely not the case on social networks such as Facebook, where your content probably isn't going to get a lot of love unless you already have a large number of followers.
The Tumblr is a Great Content Discovery Platform
  • The Tumblr Is As A Content Testing Ground
Another use for Tumblr is as a content testing ground. If you do a lot of social media marketing, you probably have tons of memes and images that you are considering posting to your Facebook page, or you if you create your own memes you may have different variations of a meme that you might want to test.

The Tumblr Is As A Content Testing Ground For SEO
One of the ways that I like to use Tumblr is as a testing ground for new content that I've created. Tumblr's dashboard is chronological like Twitter vs the more curated approach of Facebook's news feed, and the upshot of this is that you can post a lot more content at once to Tumblr than you would want to on Facebook. Tumblr fans are more forgiving of less-than-outstanding content because they can simply scroll past it, similar to how users browse Pinterest.

This makes Tumblr a great place to post a lot of content to find which pieces perform the best. Then you can take the most popular pieces and repost them to your other social media profiles such as Facebook. And all the content you produce on Tumblr has a chance of being discovered later, thanks to the use of hashtags.

  • The Tumblr Is Great Place To Create Microsites
Tumblr is the most popular microblogging platforms on the planet, which also makes it an ideal platform for setting up microsites. You won't get the same amount of flexibility as you would with say a self-hosted Wordpress blog, but tumblrogs are quick to set up, simple to manage, and free. And if you want to switch from using a subdomain to your own domain name, it's easy to switch to a domain name you own in the Tumblr settings.

The Tumblr Is Great Place To Create Microsites
Using Tumblr for microsites is a great way to build up a collection of web properties with decent PageRank that you can then point back to your main site. If you consistently post high quality content, it's easy to get these tumblrogs to PR2 - PR4 within a few months.

Microsites are also a great option if your main brand is super serious, and you don't necessarily want to associate it with memes and other silly content that does well on Tumblr.
  • What Kind Of Content Does Well On Tumblr?
Tumblr, like most other social sites, is a visual medium. That means that captivating images and pictures will do better on Tumblr than long form text. If you're already conducting successful social media campaigns on sites such as Facebook and Google+, then reusing the same content you're posting there is a good strategy.
Photos/illustrations: Creating great photos isn't easy, but it's not impossible to do if you have a access to a DSLR. Even if your camera equipment isn't up to snuff, apps such as Instagram can take your ordinary photos and give them a vintage feel that appeals to the teen and hipster demographic.

Drawings and illustrations also do very well on Tumblr, and if you have an in-house graphic design team, definitely leverage that. Even if you don't have graphical talent, you can go to sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and DeviantArt to get custom artwork created for you that's specific to your niche.

If all else fails, you can just curate other people's photos and artwork and see some results, but always be mindful of any copyright issues, and give credit where credit is due.
Quotes from famous people…enhanced:
Quotes are an amazingly easy type of content to create that surprisingly few marketers are taking advantage of. Quotes are great because they're simple to create, even if you don't even have any graphical talent. Just take an inspirational quote, put it over an attractive image (or even just a plain background), and you suddenly have a piece of content that can go viral not just on Tumblr, but on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ as well. It's super easy. 
Animated GIFs:Like Google+, Tumblr allows you to use animated GIFs in your posts. These are incredibly popular with Tumblr users.

Now, creating animated GIFs is beyond my abilities, but it's really simple to just take existing animated GIFs, add a clever caption to them, and post them on your tumblrog. Instant backlinks, guaranteed.
For a great example of this, check out the This Advertising Life Tumblr. It's an incredibly funny site, and has a PageRank of 5 to boot. You can easily find great animated GIFs to use by searching Tumblr for tags such as "animated GIF" or simply "GIF". There are also sites such as ForGIFS which contain nothing but funny animated GIFs.

Hopefully you now understand what Tumblr is and how powerful it can be in terms of SEO, as well as driving direct traffic to your site. Use the content ideas above and build your own mini SEO asset!
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