How To Write Great Content That Ranks? In this tutorial will show 6 ways to write a good content that ranks. Ranking a website/Blog in 2016 will depend heavily upon content and loads of it. A lot of people really don't know how to write decent articles that engage their readers

How To Write Great Content That Ranks? In this tutorial will show 6 ways to write a good content that ranks. Ranking a website/Blog in 2016 will depend heavily upon content and loads of it. A lot of people really don't know how to write decent articles that engage their readers. The first thing I will say is if you are going down the road of buying content then you will pay a lot of cash out before seeing results from your website. Native English writers charge $5 per 400 words or more for well researched articles. So if you are like me, when I first started out, you don't have a good 10K laying around collecting dust to build an authority site with. That's why I am going to show you how to empower yourself to write great content!
How To Write Great Content That Ranks in 2016?

What I will show from this guide:
  • The process of choosing a topic.
  • Article flow and structuring.
  • The art of LSI Content
  • Why a lot of people aren't reading your articles.
  • How to quickly research topics.
  • The best method for no hands writing.

The process of choosing a topic
Being a great writer and contributing quality content to your websites really starts with topics you choose. Forget about your keywords for a while when it comes to choosing decent topics. After all the topics and keywords should already fit together from your basic keyword research and niche finding process, which we explained in our last Tutorial. A couple of things to keep in mind?
Don't use the click bait method when writing out your topics. That was fine for the Meta description or even for ads but once they're at your site show them what they're going to gain from reading your mega articles.

For the sake of on-site SEO I would recommend canceling out stop words (a, it, the) as much as possible. Also you need to include your focus keyword once in your title so that after you come up with the topic/title you can integrate the keyword where it looks natural.
Article flow and structure
This is a critical part of writing high quality content that keeps your readers engaged. You know you create the title so they're here, but will they leave before your monetizing methods baited them? If your visitors are like me they scan read a bit plus, they have better things to do that lounge around your authority site.
I tend to type out my articles where it constantly pushes new and valuable subjects to the reader. Usually I place 1000 word articles on every page of my authority sites. Normally this is a long read for people so break it up with sub sections, a video, and a couple of pictures between the content. This will keep them baited in and lower your bounce rate.

The Art of LSI Friendly Content
Remember when keywords and stuffing them in your articles were king Wow times have changed! If you're skipping out and not taking Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) serious then you are missing out on potential favor by search engines. Nowadays when Googles spiders crawl your pages they use the LSI system by taking English articles (it, the, but, and so on) out of your article so they can analyze the real data and come to a conclusion as to what your content is about. Semantics by definition relates to the meaning of words. As the dial is turned up on Googles algorithm you will see normal keywords becoming less significant and LSI suited content will take the lead role. Just take a look at some LSI Vocabulary included in the snippet I made for you.
The Art of LSI Friendly Content To get high Rank website

You can tell by the snippet that this article was about a beauty product. For example instead of just targeting keywords like "Make Money Online" I researched the hell out of the product and included vocabulary that went into the science of the product. These vocabulary words tell Google's Latent Semantic Indexing system that it's relevant to this niche and that excellent information can be found here, and you know Google's algorithm pets love that!
Why aren't people reading your content?
I personally had an issue with this. I would write up a detailed article that was nothing less than perfect, however the bounce rate was still there. After banging my head against my desk at 6 AM in the morning a little light bulb went off. Maybe, just maybe my readers could not read the article because of the vocabulary I was using.
As you can see the formula states that the lower the number you score the harder it is for your readers to understand the content. That doesn't mean the article is bad, but depending upon what niche you chose or considered, the fact that a decent portion of the internet's traffic comes from countries that do not speak English as a first language, it only makes sense to write your articles for everyone.
In order to check your articles readability score I would recommend utilizing this tool{}. It's free and works just fine for checking out how well your article would suit people on different English reading levels. If you're buying content then request your desired readability level. Your content company should know what this is and try their best to format the article. Again you won't get this type of service for a buck per 400 words.
How to quickly research topics
This has to be one of the most hated parts of writing high quality content. Trust me I have found myself doing more research than writing at times. If your niche is in the health or beauty category then a good bottle of liquor usually helps! If you're not a drinker and still want to get through this process then I would strongly recommend that you have two monitors at least. Yeah I know this recommendation is more of a luxury, but when you can have your research on one monitor as you type on the other you will find that your articles can be produced almost 30% faster. Simply put forget the paper and pen.
The best tool for no hands writing
Tired of typing until your fingers are bleedings I know the feeling! No seriously, before I had the bank roll to hire in employees I would type everything. That was until I discovered this nifty speech recognition tool called Dragon by Nuance. It works pretty well and out of an 800 or so word article I might have to go back and fix 2-3 small mistakes. I know this tool is hard for my friends who don't speak English as a first language, but you can train Dragon to understand your voice and overcome the accent.
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