How I Make Passive Income With Crypto - New Method

Wow, its been awhile since I been on here. Last time was my journey to $3k a month from G2A. Click here to read about it but I failed. Partly because I stop doing the strategy I was using and partly because I had to handle other things in life. Anyway, I been reading the crypto section and a lot of you guys are hurting in this bear market so I thought I should share how I make passive income.

About My Crypto Portfolio & What You Will Need
1. My investment funds came from internet marketing commissions, mining with my gaming pc, airdrops from new coins being launched, and a faucet site (i dont own it just use it).

2. I'm only going to cover the passive income part of my overall strategy to build my portfolio.

3. You will need bitcoin to buy other coins for this strategy. If you don't own any btc buy some. If you have no money at all for this strategy, one of the sites i use will help a little bit but you will have a long way to go.

4. I will only link my affiliate link to sites I personally use. Not trying to shill bullshit to make money. I really want to help since I have learned a lot from this website.

Passive Income Strategy

This strategy you can start small or big its purely up to you but anything worth having its going to cost you. The focus of making passive income from crypto is dealing with proof of stake (POS) coins and master node (MN) coins. Mainly I focus on master node coins.

Step 1: Research!
The first thing you will need to do is research which coin is worth investing in. I use for my research. I know some of you will look at huge ROIs and want to invest in some scam coin. Don't do it, remember this is to build passive income you can count on being there for years to come. This means really doing your research on what the project is about and making sure they have a produce/service or close to making a use case for the coin. The best example I can give you for a coin with a use case is GIN as they have their own service.

If you're lazy about research then just buy the coin I just talked about.

Step 2: Staking Pools/Shared Master Node Services
There are 4 sites I use for both staking pools and shared master nodes and 1 site for just shared master nodes. The reason I use so many sites is because each other them support different coins. If you're a small investor these sites are a must, if you're a big investor they're optional but ill give you a few reasons to use them.

Sites I Use
- Simple POS Pool
- Stakecube
- Staking Lab
- Stake United
- My Node Rocks

I recommend looking at each of the websites, check which coins they have listed, and then do your research before picking a coin. Now that you have don't that I will go over this for each type of investor.

Non-investor: Ok, for you guys that have no crypto or money at all. I recommend you sign up to Stakecube since they have a faucet. All you have to do is login, go to the faucet, and click on them all every 24hrs. This will get you started as the coins will be staking while you aren't on the site. So when you login again you'll have more coins.

Small investors: This is where I started so don't worry that you don't have much. You'll become a big investor overtime. These sites you have to get a set amount of coins to invest in a master node. Which is 0.20% to 5% of the master node. So make sure you have enough to buy the coins to get in the master node of the coin you picked. The best way to do this is signup to the site and check before buying any coins.

Big investors: Ok big boys, since you can afford to just out right buy enough coins to run your own master node why would you use a shared master node service? Well the answer is pretty simple. If you running it yourself, you have to pay for the VPS (its cheap), you have to maintain it yourself, and keep up with the coin developments if they update the wallet or make changes to the master node coding. Personally, I don't have that type of time and know how. Besides that, the other reason to use one of the sites is reinvestment. Just login, see your earnings, and put into another master node. DOn't have to wait to get enough for another whole node.

Step 3: Get In, Get Out Rule!

Now let's get into the guts of this strategy. The get in, get out rule is one I learned the hard way. TWICE! This rule is pretty simple to understand. Once you have the coins in the master node and its producing coins for you daily. You sell the rewards until you have all the BTC you put into + 10%. Once you're got that its a freeroll income for you.

Now that your BTC is out and you're made a profit, its up to you to do whatever you want with the rewards. However, if you're a small investor, I highly recommend reinvesting your rewards at this point until you have a whole master node.

Repeat the same 3 steps with another coin. This is how I built up a nice size portfolio of many different coins and keep bitcoin flowing to my wallet. For those of you that only care about cashing out to fiat. Well, this isn't a short term investment. This strategy is for those building up a crypto portfolio or just building up their bitcoin holdings for the bull market.

P.S. I hope you all enjoy my way to passive income in this crazy bear market. Also, If you want to know my favorite sites out of the ones listed above is Simple POS Pool & Stakecube.

If you have any questions, please post them I will gladly answer them. Also, if you're wondering about my overall crypto portfolio building strategy. I am currently in the working on improving it. I thought about making a website but I'm just not sure if people want this type of content.

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