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Timestamps: TRON BitTorrent Justin Sun Interview 00:03 welcome to the TRON BitTorrent streaming and 00:08 this is also our first live streaming in 00:11 2000 and I think so today we will talk 00:17 about a brave introduction how a BTT token 00:21 works how BTT token benefits the trunk 00:26 immunity and was the goal for the BTT in 01:02 not know what trials was BitTorrent I 01:07 will give you like a very brief 01:11 introduction trunk as we all know it's a 01:16 smart contract platform we provide 01:20 infrastructure for the developers to 01:24 develop their DFS on our platform 01:27 currently trial has already have more 01:33 than 100 plus the app run our platform 01:38 you can check out the app review the app 01:41 radar or trunk app and also Trump 01:47 provides a very robust developer tools 01:53 for everybody so you can also join our 01:57 github channel and slack Channel and 02:02 also the peace corps channel also be 02:07 horrid as everybody know is the largest 02:11 p2p file transfer protocol in the world 02:16 and also it will win the santoshi 02:20 mounting list back 10 years ago in the 02:25 melodies that people talk about how to 02:28 monetize BitTorrent we stay bitcoin 02:58 have around 100 million Mau 25 million 03:05 tau in 138 countries so this is the like 03:12 the massive adoption in the blockchain 03:15 we are talking about and then we will 03:17 pray bring huge volume into the industry 03:21 because you know II mean right now the 03:25 whole blockchain population is around 03:29 meeting something by even the between 03:34 itself we can bring billions of the 03:37 device into the industry that's why I 03:40 think it's not only benefits the trial 03:43 society benefits the BitTorrent itself 03:47 it's also benefits the whole industry 03:50 even some haters don't like the 03:53 BitTorrent we will also benefit them 03:57 yeah so let me tell you a little bit 04:00 about the history of the BTT token and 04:07 BitTorrent protocol to enable longer 04:12 year ago then we as part of the 04:15 acquisition we started to really go 04:16 forward with that quickly it's been 04:18 about four months since we started 04:23 really an earnest the team size now is 04:26 17 total people working on all the 04:29 components of the project cool maybe we 04:35 go to the second topic yeah so we've had 04:41 a couple questions since the 04:43 announcement of the BTC tokens so the 04:46 first one is why do we choose to create 04:49 a new token and how will that new token 04:51 BTT benefit TRX and TRX holders yeah 04:55 first of all this is the since we really 04:59 want to talk about first of all a lot of 05:03 the people already find out in the white 05:05 paper so the current Truong community 05:10 will be allocated with the BTT so so 05:16 basically the right now that here exit 05:19 you hold you already get rise to to get 05:24 BTT attracts you holy you already 05:28 entitled to the BT tiara job so this is 05:35 the first part and it is very important 05:38 to the TRX community I will promise to 05:45 I think the TRON TRX BitTorrent community has a huge 05:48 tied with the BT community so this is 05:58 thing is BTT used trial Network to to 06:05 use transfer span the BTT token so BTT 06:27 they will get interested in VDT or even 06:31 crypto and then they will get the TRX 06:36 and then they will also get into the 06:39 trunk immunity I know right now we have 06:43 like millions of people in the trunk 06:45 community but I think this is just the 06:48 start because in the future we have 06:50 hundreds of millions people have 06:53 billions people in the community so this 06:55 is just like the the first 1% of them 06:58 and also I think the BTT and the 07:03 BitTorrent brand is more familiar with 07:08 the current internet user base and also 07:12 for the bittern community there are more 07:16 familiar with the BTT and BitTorrent and ☑ Check out playlist latest news Ethereum: ⚑ ☑ Check out playlist latest news TRON-TRX: ⚑ ☑ Check out playlist crypto trading: ⚑ ☑ Check out playlist Crypto Wallet: ⚑
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