Friday, January 30, 2015

Recommended Freelance Sites To Make Money With Your Pictures - How To Convert Your Pictures to Money

Recommended Freelance Sites
There are multiple freelance sites. My favorites are:
Elance Elance is the largest and most popular freelance platform for businesses looking to hire and work with freelancers just like you and me. Over 500,000 businesses and 2 million freelancers in more than 150 countries use Elance. Each year more than 1 million freelance jobs are completed through Elance, and to date the freelancers have earned over $800 million!! Check out Elance and browse through their projects to see ones you could do.

ODesk You have the skills, oDesk has the jobs. With almost twice the freelancer earnings of its largest competitor, oDesk is a smart, secure place to get to work!

Fiverr This is one of the easiest places to make money from home. You can create a free account at Fiverr. com and then offer to upload pictures of whatever someone needs. You’ll get paid directly by Fiverr for each of these projects (called “gigs” on Fiverr) that you complete. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it can really add up into a huge income! This is truly a unique site and idea, it is definitely worth a couple minutes of your time to register and try it out.
 A Special Bonus I’ll let you in on another aspect of Fiverr that makes this one of the quickest and easiest ways to start getting a continual flood of income no matter where you live. Not only can you offer to take pictures of whatever they need, but you can also offer ANY other thing that you can think of and get paid for it. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Special Bonus Best Way To Make More Money With Your Pictures - How To Convert Your Pictures to Money

Print on Demand
This is another excellent way to earn money from your photos or other creative ideas.Have you ever gone to a tourist town and seen the endless supply of “funny” T-shirts available for purchase? What about those custom mugs that people have on their desks that depict their most recent vacation?
Many of these types of products are in very high demand and are currently selling on eBay and other popular online marketplaces. The sites in this category allow you to upload your photos so they can then be printed on demand onto virtually anything --tee shirts, hats, aprons, blankets, purses, coffee cups, calendars,posters, bumper stickers, mouse pads, iPhone cases, invitations,and pretty much anything else you can think of!With this system neither you nor the print on demand services hold inventory. All you need to do isupload your photo and they will handle the rest. Whenever someone buys one of your items, they simply print that item as it’s ordered. They will then send you payment for the items sold. This is a hands-free process. It has win-win written all over it and has been VERY successful for me!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where To Submit Your Stock Photos To Get Cash - How To Convert Your Pictures to Money

Where To Submit Your Stock Photos
Now you have a camera,  and you have taken some great pictures. You are all ready to upload
them online, so those picture-hungry webmasters and other business leaders can happily pay to
use your pictures.
It’s time to review some stock photography sites where you can upload your pictures and make them available to photo buyers.You’ll find that different sites accept different types of photos, have different pay scales, etc. This guide is to help you choose ones that are right for your needs.

Dreamstime has a proven track record. It gets thousands of people every day looking to pay for the photos that people like you and I have uploaded there. When you submit your photos, you make a hefty commission on each of your images that are purchased.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

4 Tips -- How To Convert Your Pictures to Money

Now that you understand what to take pictures of, let me explain the many ways that you
can make money with them. As I have mentioned earlier in this category guide, there are plenty of
outlets for every type of picture.In this section, we will discuss the methods and options for making a living with your pictures --and more importantly - show you how easily it is done.

Upload Pictures To Stock Photo Sites
One of the best ways to make money with your photos is to upload them to stock photo sites.
When you upload your pictures there, then anyone who wants that type of picture can buy it and
download it. When they buy it, you get a percentage of the fee.
You’ll get paid over and over for the photos you upload here!

What Are Stock Photos?
Stock photos are images that are not taken for a specific product, company, or service. Rather they are a generic or “stock model” that can be used for a variety of purposes and a lot of times for more than one purpose.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

How To Convert Your Ideas To What To Take Pictures Of -- Cont

Other Places Around The House
Housework photographs are very popular, too. Don’t forget to get pictures while you are gardening. Dirty hands and knees required. We want these pictures to look authentic, not staged 5.Farmers Market There are always some great natural photographs begging to be taken at a farmer’s market.

Be sure to capture the colors of the fresh produce.
And what about the look on the  face of a child holding his first Halloween pumpkin?

Around Your Town
As you walk the streets of your downtown — take pictures of the construction going on -- new businesses being built, roofs being replaced, etc.These types of photos can be used for start-up construction firms. Men who build houses don’t always take great pictures of their work. If they can buy a picture that portrays what they do and create a website around it to attract more customers, they are all over it!Many towns have festivals, such as “Taste of Cincinnati” or “October Fest.” There are plenty of photo opportunities here -- everything from a cool picture of an accordion, to seniors polka dancing. Traveling BBQ carts offering their goods to happy locals make great personal shots. Don’t forget to take pictures of the food! Foodies are very popular now, and they all have blogs.Bloggers know about your type of photos, and  dedicated foodies frequently use multiple photos in a single blog posting.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To Convert Your Ideas To What To Take Pictures Of

You have your camera set now, ready to snap pictures of the next interesting  thing you see.
But what will that be? How do you know what to take pictures of? Do you already have some ideas? 
Below I will give you a lot of examples to help get you started making money right away. Keep in
mind that these are just examples and you should be creative and come up with some of your own
ideas, too. Because the pictures you are going to upload are going to be used by virtually every industry, there are endless opportunities to take pictures of everyday activities and materials.
Even simple things, such as a picture of the clouds in the sky, can make you a LOT of money.

Friday, December 5, 2014

When You Already Have Many Pictures --Quick Start to Get Cash

When you already have many pictures on your cell phones or cameras
•  Already have a lot of pictures on their phones or camera
•  Want to get started uploading pictures immediately
•  Don’t want to learn about more advanced approaches right now

Step 1: Review Your Existing Pictures
Go through your gallery and “Star” your favorite shots you’ve taken. Don’t be picky. Completely
shut down that little voice in your head that keeps saying things like, “Who would like that?” or “No one wants to see that.” You will never know who will be searching for what kind of picture. So if  you give in to that little voice, you will be putting unnecessary limits on the money you can make from  your pictures.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

How To Make Money With Pictures - Introduction

What Do you Need to get money from your pictures?
You are going to absolutely love the answers to that question!  Just keep reading and see exactly
how easy it is to start turning your pictures into cash.

Do I Need Any Special Skills or Experience?
You simply need to have the insider knowledge that I’m about to share with you.
This guide is meant to show you just how simple it is to turn your pictures into a never-ending stream of income.
Do I Need Any Special Equipment?
Simply having a Smartphone or simple point-and-shoot camera is all you really need to get started
making money!  Since you never know what will be considered valuable and what will not, it is best that you try snapping as many pictures as possible.  You can’t ever really tell what you will catch, nor can you predict how valuable the picture will end up being.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How I Can Make Money From My Pictures -- I have made $1280 from my picture

Today almost everyone has a Smartphone with a built-in camera, or at least they have access to a regular point-and-shoot camera.  Because of this, it is easy to take great pictures that can generate significant profits. So have you ever thought that, you can make thousands of dollars with your pictures? I have made $1280 from one great picture. May be you ???? with my way. Ok No problem, at this time I decide to create a new category ' how to make money with pictures' to guide you how to do that.

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